Monday, June 28, 2010

Work out the Frieda Babbley way

Marilyn Monroe Workout

There are many workout trends out there.  It's hard to keep up with any one of them.  I know I for one do not have much luck.  I get bored, quite frankly. 

I have, however, found a wonderful workout that works out for me; better than any other workout, I might add.  Monetarily, anyway.

With this new workout, I don't eat as much (I don't really have time to) and I don't drink as much, either, so I have dehydration on my side.  And of course when you're dehydrated, you tend to get sleepy.  If you're sleeping, you can't eat.  Another wonderful thing about this particular workout is that you really have no choice in the matter, as it is a lifestyle.  A wonderful lifestyle.

With this new workout lifestyle of mine, I have found that I need to shop for clothes a lot.  Workout clothes are a must if you are going to be successful.

Now, I know, it's the thing to say that your workout is a lifestyle, it's a psychological slant.  But this really is a lifestyle, and one that takes up more of your time than any other task you may have.  Forget your family and personal life, with this workout, your lifestyle is your focus and all those that aren't in your circle of workout buddies need to be second fiddle.

You may have guessed the kind of workout I'm involved in by now... Yes the Frieda Babbley workout is working out(side) of the home. Works every time.

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