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Do You Know Where Your Remote Is?

I remember the days when the only stations you got were ABC (channel 2), CBS (channel 4), NBC (channel 5), and PBS (channel 9).  It was exciting to then start getting KPLR TV(channel 11), and thrilling to get a channel 30 (for the life of me I can't remember the call letters).  This was back in the '70s.  Back when black and white TVs were still popular, so were console televisions.  There was a turn dial, some of them, like ours, had two - one to change the channels with and the other to adjust the lines and the picture quality - but not all of them went up to channel 30 (which wasn't denoted by a number, but by something else).  There were finicky rabbit ears that had to be adjusted depending on the channel you were watching and the time of day.  It didn't matter if your TV's image wasn't perfectly clear.  Even with lines running up and down and lots of little fuzzy dots, you still watched intently. The fact that there was no remote didn't bother anyon

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