Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Great Reason To Drink Pepsi

Pepsi Cola has come a long way with their commercials.  This one, however, is dear to my heart.  It was made in 1957, but if you ask me, while, yes, it may be sexist, there is quite a bit of truth to it.  We can't really fool ourselves there.  Yes, life is more work than a daydream.  Yes, a beautiful, sparkly purse makes for an exquisite trophy.  And yes, Pepsi is not too sweet and not too filling.

I was never much of a cola drinker.  Water, fresh juice, and milk, were my drinks of choice.  And then one day I got pregnant for the fourth time and due to acid reflux, water and juice would no longer do during meal times.  I turned to a few bubbly alternatives, like 7-Up and Sprite.  Coke had them beat.  And then one day I have a Pepsi.  Finally a drink that was not too sweet, not too filling, was refreshing, and didn't taste bad when ice melted in it.  I've been hooked ever since.

I don't feel bad about this at all, despite the fact that soda's aren't really all that good for you.  It's not like I bath in it.  And it's not like it's the only thing I drink.  And now I'm especially pleased to announce that I read today an article about Pepsi's plan to become fossil fuel free by the year 2023.  Very exciting news.

Read the article here:  PepsiCo on track to becoming "fossil fuel free" by 2023 by Will Nichols on Business Green: sustainable thinking.

Want to try out some Milk and Peps like Laverne De Fazio from Laverne and Shirley?  Check out this article on TV Dinners: Laverne & Shirley Pepsi Milk 

Yes, Laverne did love her milk and Pepsi, both on and off stage.  Laverne is a true Pepsi girl, and so is Penny Marshall ;)  For that reason alone, I should have never thought of drinking anything but!

Lets take a moment and reminisce the romance of Laverne and Shirley (you know, since we're on this related topic).

Just like Laverne and Shirley, PepsiCo is making their dreams come true too. Here's a fresh one for you, PepsiCo... and thanks.

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