Saturday, March 13, 2010

The iPad Why I'll buy one

You've all heard about it and most probably have seen the videos. But are you going to get one? I think I'm going to and here's why.

    •  iPads are thin.
    • iPad is small- a tad smaller than a regular piece of paper.
    • iPad is lightweight (which means no more lugging around my laptop, cause lets face it, my arms have better things to do than to get weighed down by a laptop, it's battery, and it's power chord.
    • iPad is white, and I really really like something that is white and fresh looking. 
    • iPad won't heat up my lap.
    • iPad is cheaper than a laptop and does all the same things.
    • iPad has really cool features that I use or really want to use.
    • iPads are customizable.
    • There's just something about an iPad.  The more I look at an iPad the more attracted I am to it.
    • You can touch the iPad. Yes, yes, yes, you can.  It's a lovely thought, isn't it?  Think of the freedom.  You don't have to worry about not touching your screen.  For those of you who like to get your hands into things and, damnit, touch that screen to point and poke at, the iPad screen is your oyster.

    • iPad is flippable, tunable,  tap-able.  iPad is doable.
    • iPad has an on-screen keyboard, if you want it there, it's there, if you don't, it won't be.
    • you can watch movies on it.
    • you can read books on iPad. And yes, flip the pages and watch them flip, like way cool.
    • you can listen to music on it.
    • you can hook it up to your tv.
    • you can be connected to the internet and your e-mail and your stuff any time any where.
    • you can you can you can.
    • iPad has a stand.
    • iPad has accessories.
    • iPad is awesome.

    • Did I mention it was touchable?  And cool?

       And if you think that's all, guess again.  If you're a woman, it has a plethora of other useful uses.  You've seen it, you've ooed and ahhhed at it.  ... Let's watch it again, shall we?

      click here for iPad features


      Nora Johnson said...

      Thanks for all this useful information! Would love to know how you get on with it too!

      Thanks for stopping by with such interesting and incisive comments!

      Have a great weekend!

      X LOLA:)

      Pamela Grundy said...

      OMG That video is hilarious!

      Sounds like fun, this iPad. Still lusting after the iPhone! :)

      JamaGenie said...

      Frieda, before you plunk down a chunk of change for an iPad, you might want to read about the downside of the newest wonder machine at

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