Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chapter One Part 3 ~ Soula Granger

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When Soula had gotten home that day, she had checked her mailbox. Nothing. The box labeled 304 Barrens was empty. Odd, wasn’t there always something in a person’s mailbox? She held onto her keys and headed up the stairs.

She was glad her apartment was in such an eclectic building. It was much like Holly Golightly’s on the outside, the key locked mailboxes just inside the front door in the cozy entryway, and in the dark stained wood rail of the staircase. There was something simple and old fashioned about living in an older building and having to climb the stairs. The apartments, however, were more modern and open here, which was a wonderful thing, and there were lots of windows; she loved the light.

James’ choice in apartments for her was one of the things she loved about James. It said something about him that you wouldn’t notice at first glance. She saw beneath the suit and tie, the slick hair, the manicured nails, the money. He knew she’d love it, he'd said so when she told him she did; this meant he understood these things. If he knew she would love it, then he must have loved it too. He loved her, after all. Not a time went by when she took the steps that she didn’t think about this part of him. It’s why she would always enter her home with a smile on her face.

There was a stack of mail waiting for her in front of her door. She thought this to be overtly odd. Perhaps the mailman had put the mail in with someone else’s by mistake, she wondered whose. There was no note to say. She looked around. Everything was quiet and normal.

continued from Part 2 click here for where it all began: first post

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Frieda Babbley said...

Okay people! No comment? I can't write more if I don't get a comment and the next section is ready...

Bill Zuback said...

Lovely story so far. I can't wait to read your next post. I haven't made judgement on Soula yet but I am interested to find out who James is. I would have picked five totally different magazines than what she picked but I do like her reasoning of thinking in odd numbers. Very smart! Great design sensibility.

On a side note I must also compliment you on your selection of visuals through out your blog. You put a lot of thought into your selections. As a visual person I'm very impressed. It is rather shallow of me but if I'm not drawn to the cover art on a book jacket at the Barnes and Noble discount shelf, I won't pick it up. I probably pass up a lot of great novels but the cover image must speak to me first.

Frieda Babbley said...

Wow, thanks, Bill!
JAS had mentioned something about the magazines too. It was hard deciding what she would get (while stranded here in snow), so I tried to think of ones I knew and what her reasoning might be. So now I'm curious, 'cause these details are important... what do you see her buying?
And JAS, if you're reading this, what's your opinion on magazines?
And anyone else for that matter.
Any ideas or not so sure abouts along the way, please feel free to spew out random thoughts if you like.
Okay, here goes.

J A S said...

Vogue- she's a Vogue girl, of that I am sure.

Have just read 2 new episodes- am loving the way it's going. Don't know him well enough to comment yet- but the suit would possibly be wool and cashmere. All cashmere is for people with too much money- ostentatious, not very 'in the know.' It's nouveau riche- he would know this because he had read GQ since going to a swanky barber shop, rather than the shop used by the family. He wanted to be different from an early age- hence reading the mag whilst waiting and listening to the men talking whilst getting an expensive haircut.

She has impeccable taste and one suspects she would throw out anything that is perceived as kitsch. She thinks that because it is valuable, it has worth. I wonder what she has hidden in a wardrobe that she can't have on show- because it might compromise her perfect world?

Just some thoughts-

Frieda Babbley said...

Hmm. Okay, wool and chashmere. See, in my mind he's not as in the know as he thinks he is. But he's not flashy, so I suppose he would be very careful and take the advise of the storeclerks at the very least. I totally agree with the GQ at the barber shop!!! When did that come out? I'm trying to age him still. I'm not quite exactly sure how old he is. I'm wanting to say 43, but I'm wondering if he's younger or not.

Love the closet idea. Hmmm. That gives me an idea. And Vogue, I'll think about that. That could work. How about Cosmopolitan? I love the old covers done by Harrison Fisher! She's kind of like the girls on those covers. eu! I have a great post idea about that totally separate from this.

Okay, time for lunch with my sister and my Sasha. Will mull over. Love the ideas! Keep them coming. Very exciting. Hope DD wasn't too much of a letdown.


J A S said...

I loved DD- simple, clever, fresh.

I feel he is younger. Is she Cosmo- yes she probably is, it's her kind of read. Perhaps she would get a European Vogue- Italian the most original and interesting, English very dreary.

Frieda Babbley said...

But she wants dreary because she won't read things. She thinks, or doesn't, and flips through things...Hmmm. By the by check your e-mail because I have a question for you that is very important.

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