Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Morning Christmas Songs Starring Ella Fitzgerald

So I've been listening to Christmas songs for a few days now. There's a station on the radio, and frankly, it puts a smile on my face... most of the time. Some Christmas songs just suck, and others are botched up by singers trying to be unique. You know what I'm saying, I'm sure. 

Well, here I am this morning, trying to fax the office on my new fax, having troubles, of course, and getting frustrated. So I'm on YouTube poking around and then I see a Christmas video and think, yeah, I'd like to share some good old Christmas music, you know, like Ella Fitzgerald and who not. Sooooo, I have for you all some sweet Christmas sounds that I enjoy any time of day, that put a smile right on my face and lower my heart rate when I'm frustrated with the foolishness of, oh, say, fax machines.

Enjoy today's Christmas songs via video starring Ella Fitzgerald:

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