Thursday, June 17, 2010

Claudia Schiffer photo controversy

Dom Perignon - Stern Fotografie
This does NOT look like "blackface" 
to me.  Blackface  would refer to
just a face, and for comedic value.
I love a good controversy, especially when I've got something to say about it, and when useful and logical information is given.  But this?  This should never have been a controversy in the first place.  Karl Lagerfeld's vision should have been, instead, appreciated.

I thought this was an old controversy resurfaced, but apparently not (it must be deja vu or something), oh, no, it has resurfaced... two years after the fact.  I mean seriously people, why?  Anyway, why this is such a controversy, I couldn't tell you.  But here it is... Again.  Via CNN and everywhere else at that. Can we not get over this and understand an artist's vision?

Brief recap: Karl Lagerfeld, the genious behind this women of the world series, posed his highest inspiration, Claudia Schiffer, to represent a variety of women from around the world.  May I just say, the execution and end result was exquisite.  Not to mention the fact that it shows what an excellent model Claudia Schiffer really is; isn't it a model's job to go beyond, to showcase the limitless possibilities of fashion, its universality and uniqueness? She was playing a part, representing masses of women. 

If this spread's foundation and purpose was The Claudia Schiffer and all that she is and can be as a model and inspiration to the fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, why then are we switching the purpose.  There is nothing about these photos that is comedic, in fact they are tasteful to an extreme.  Claudia is representing the black woman.  In fact at first glance one cannot tell that she is anything but.  Exquisite (have I said that?) 

I think what I am even more discouraged with is the fact that this glorious photo shoot has been resurfaced two years later.  What, there's nothing more important to talk about?  I'm thinking the reporter/journalist/professor (if you could even call her any of those things) - I don't remember what this woman is I just remember how stupid and uptight and wrong I think she is - has done herself a disservice.  And all those that followed in her footsteps by even considering this pathetic excuse for news and attention really ought to have spent their time with something more useful or entertaining.

So why do I bring this up?  It's important for me to vent about this stupid situation.  Blackface, indeed.  Pahlease.

Claudia Schiffer Tries to Defend Blackface photo shoot - NPR results.

Dom Perignon - Stern Fotographie
Claudia Schiffer's Red Shoes (British Poets)


Pamela Grundy said...

Well, it's not like it's been a slow news week or anything! You'd think this would be a nonstarter.

Frieda Babbley said...

Yeah, you'd think, wouldn't you.

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