Saturday, March 20, 2010

Judy Holliday Saturday Night Videos

Judy Holliday, starlet, singer, beauty of an era long gone but not forgotten.  Judy was born in 1921 and graduated high school in 1938.  Her IQ?  it was pretty high.  1721.  Not bad for a beautiful lady.  

Too young to go to University, she became a switchboard operator.  A normal job for a girl in those days.  (Truth be told, I secretly wanted to be one myself.)  What no one knew, not yet anyway, was that she was a terrific script writer, and a far out singer.  

She soon got the career she wanted.  Prove herself, she did; on screen, off screen, and on Broadway.  

Here's a bit of Judy Holliday for your reminiscing pleasure.


For more on Judy Holliday, here's a useful link: Judy Holliday Bio


Nora Johnson said...

Great post & videos - love Judy too!

Thanks also for stopping by with such thoughtful & reflective comments - always a joy to read!

Have a lovely week ahead!



adore any history or stories from this era! Wonderful!!

Frieda Babbley said...

Wonderful to see you both here.

Thank you Nora, I'm so glad you enjoyed. Always a pleasure to have you here and always a pleasure to read your most fabulous blog.

I do too Lenorenevermore. Especially unusual tidbits. Now, may I just say your site has wonderful unusual tidbits and I am thoroughly enjoying your blog.

Cheers to you both.

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