Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is that a hybrid you're wearing?

"Is that a new hybrid you're wearing or are you just happy to see me?"

see end of post for photo details

We are a two car, six person, four pet, family. One of our two cars is 13 years old. Yes and it's about had it. It's been a great car, but alas, it has seen better days. Fixing it would cost quite a bit and would end up nickling and diming us for the next couple of years. Mind you it could become good as new, but at a price, and a price well exceeding the value of the car.

Right now it's.... resting. In the driveway. Alone with nature. Looks a bit as though it's out to pasture. It's quite a shame really.

It's the car that big daddy uses. It's his pride and joy. Was his pride and joy. Now big daddy is forced to drive a minivan. This is making him cranky. This is making him feel very tired. And mama hasn't gotten out of the damn house for about a week now.

On the one hand it was okay timing. The youngest three are on spring break. The oldest gets a car ride in the morning. So it's just one kid to worry about in the afternoon which big daddy can't get off work to pick up so auntie is kind enough to pick up pepito.

On the other hand, mama can't take the little ones anywhere special because not only does she not have her car, because big daddy's using it, but now she has to hold on tight to every penny for... well, whatever it's going to cost, whatever the decision may be; not to mention the three little ones will be going back to school next week. Big daddy don't want to drop them off in the a.m. because that would make him late for work. And of course big daddy can't pick them up either, especially with two different schools and pickup times to worry about. And big daddy can't get dropped off and picked up because he needs to go from store to store and whatnot.

Now, mama can go get herself a loan, but wait, mama doesn't like debt and mama doesn't have a "job". Papa can get himself a loan but mama doesn't like debt. This is where things get difficult, ones belief system up against family needs.

Then mama has an idea. Mama can get a moped (via the tax returns) with two double side-cars rigged to the sides. Or better yet, she can rig four train-cars to the back of her new moped.

Mama smiles. This could work.

Then mama starts thinking about safety. Mama decides she'd rather wear a new car than an ambulance. And soooo...

Mama's going to borrow her sis' car tomorrow and go shopping, for a hybrid, in stock. Mama's got it narrowed down to four possibilities. Mama's going to cry when she has to shell out the bucks she stashed in her bra drawer, but I'm sure that won't last long. The next time you see mama, she's gonna be wearing a new car and a new smile. And yeah, sure, I guess she'll also be happy to see you. (But no sucking up okay, I mean it's just a new car and sure she'll look so great in it that you'll want a ride or to borrow it, but sucking up doesn't work with mama. She knows all about sucking up so she'll just make you go clean your room.)

I'll keep you posted.

Above photo found on a fantastic blog post I ran across that's very much worth a check out: Skimbaco Lifestyle: Ford Fusion Hybrid in Cleveland Night

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JamaGenie said...

Well, I hope it's that Ford Fusion you'll be *seriously* looking at and not a certain Japanese brand with accelerator-brake-steering issues! But how will this work? You get the new car and big daddy keeps driving the mini-van? Dream on, right? :)

opa said...

Aw, lets hear it for poor Mama.
Toyota has just released a new Hybrid here in Australia. It will sell for about $35k plus or minus a few. Now you would have to call that good timing, Yes?

Pamela Grundy said...

We bought a Honda Insight last year and we LOVE it. It gets 50-60 MPG depending on how we drive and the temperature (cold temps aren't as goo), is a joy to drive, and it only cost $21,000 new--which is a lot, yeah, but not in comparison to other cars.

Good luck!

(PS--I want a Vespa SO bad...)

Pamela Grundy said...

good i mean... not goo :)

A Good Moroccan said...

Good job you avoided a Toyota hybrid...

Frieda Babbley said...

More news coming over the weekend. I will say I went with Ford... Stay tuned.

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