Friday, March 5, 2010

Dido friday night

I have to say, when Dido became popular, I wasn't around the music scene. NPR took up most of my time, along with other noises more HGTV related. I have to say, I have as of late discovered that I was really missing out on a lot.

Music has the tendency to heal in ways that nothing else can. There's always some that get you good no matter what mood you're in or what's going on in your life. In fact music has a way of aiding through life's many transformations and stages; and most of us know this. We know this because songs remind of of times in our lives, of people, of places, events. Music triggers memories we would have otherwise long forgotten. And that's exactly what Dido's music does to me.

Oddly enough, Dido (pronounced d-long I, d-long o, or die-doe) sings to the kind of music that seems to remind of things and times that aren't necessarily associated with her music. Her voice is reminisce of Sarah McLaughlin, reminds me of things that are, things that were, things that will be; even when she sings with MnM and other artists that you wouldn't think she'd pair up with. Dido has that kind of voice, that kind of universality.

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Nora Johnson said...

Thanks for the videos - wasn't too familiar with Dido's music till now! And yes, when I lived in LA, used to listen to NPR all day long (+KUSC & KFAC!)

Have a great weekend!


Berlin said...

pinkpackrat said...

Dido is a new discovery for me-- thanks so much. I think she is great-- I'm a fan now:-)

Berlin said...

Good morning =D
Thanks for following me, I am following you too.


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