Wednesday, October 14, 2009

suffering from foot odor

Suffering from foot odor? Dr. Oz had some interesting solutions on his show today.
Apparently there are 3 Ss to foot odor: Sweat, Socks, Shoes. (Na-Dah)

No, my feet are fresh. They smell fresh as a summer breeze, spring roses, soft lavender... But many people, including a child of mine, suffer from stink foot; some worse than others.

What to do, what to do. Here are some excellent tips:

Alum is an ix-nayer of foot odor. Dr. Oz recommends using an antiperspirant (not deodorant) with alum, or medicated moisture control pads with alum. This sucks big time, because alum is NOT good for you! It is said that it links to Alzheimer's. At any rate, no matter what info you use to support or not support this information about the yuckies of alum, I refuse to use anything that has alum as an ingredient.

A tea bath is another option, and one I'd me more likely to use. Make a big foot bath of tea and soak every day for a week and taper off. My suggestion here is to use chamomile tea. Make it strong. Soak soak soak. Chamomile tea kills germs. It acts as an antibiotic (one of the reasons you don't want to drink chamomile with other foods or medications, but this wonderful thing is another blog).

Dr. Oz says to wear cotton socks. My input on this is... definitely. And go even further, go organic. Organic cottons are your best bet.

Other tips from me:

1. Let your feet breathe.

2. Wash your feet as often as possible and be sure they are rinsed well.

3. Make sure your shoes are made from natural materials! Just like your socks, your shoes should also be as natural and breathable as possible.

4. Use a deodorant crystal on your feet after you bath and rest your feet before you start using them. This works. (My daughter attests to that.)
Photo found at a The Anthology from the post After.

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