Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pinkpackrat@Play: A Weekend Video for You

Pinkpackrat@Play: A Weekend Video for You

One of my most favorite bloggers Pinkpackrat has posted a most wonderful video on her blog Pinkpackrat at Play. I have to say that this is truly one of the most relaxing pieces I've ever heard. It makes me feel like everything around me is perfect. It slows my breathing. It makes me feel like buying flowers and doing something small but special for myself. Taking a nap to this would be so amazing. I'd feel so refreshed and beautiful. Give it a listen, click on the link above... Enjoy.

PS You can also visit Pinkpackrat at Hamburgers and Politics on Eye On Life online magazine - yes, up and running now folks so please go have a look. And you can also find her at Political Packrat on blogspot.

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