Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Jazz Night - Don't spill that Scotch n Soda

Good evening everyone! Tonight we have something awefully special for you. It's a bit of one of my favorite swinging cats on the block. Born 100 years ago Saturday, he may be gone, but his jazzy tunes aren't. So grab your sweet heart, or take out your favorite pin up girl calendar, and let the music take you somewhere special. Somewhere everything's a-okay and fun fun fun. Some scotch n soda may not be a bad idea either.

Here's a fun one of Benny Goodman and his quartet in 1944. Ah to be at that club...

And yes, a couple of years before that he had a quintet. Wonder what happened to that fifth guy...

Benny Goodman on Clarinet

Disney even loved Benny...

Interested in a little Benny Goodman history? Here ya go. Interesting stuff.

Hope you enjoyed. For more great information, and some other songs. NPR Jazz has your beat. Check it out here.


pinkpackrat said...

oooooh love this. I'm an old Benny Goodman fan:-)

Bill Zuback said...

Seeing and hearing that Disney link made me realize how much of an impact many of the early cartoons had on learning and appreciating a variety of music;from Jazz to Classical. Thanks for all the digging you must do to bring this to us. Thanks.

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