Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today Marks a Windy Book Birthday

Today in 1936, Gone With the Wind was published. It was written by a woman, Margaret Mitchell. It won a Pulitzer Prize. It was soon turned into a movie in 1939. One of the first books to movie in history. In 2001 it was the subject of a court case., concerning a parady protected by the first amendment, a book that subsiquentlly became a New York Times Bestseller.

In honor of Mitchell's Gone With the Wind, here are some clips to bring back some nostalgia.

Gone with the Wind

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Classics - Lena Horne

I was reading about my favorite mysteries on Paper Moon's hub, Murder on the Loose... when I suddenly thought of the song, Stormy Weather. I was sure Madeline Kahn sand a rendition of it, so I hopped on over to YouTube, and I came across my favorite rendition of all... The one done by THE Lena Horne in 1943 for the movie with the same title. Ahhh. I relaxed into a sweet melancholy daydream. Thought you all might like to do the same.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

A copycat lost in translation


Un imitateur perdu dans la traduction.

If a blog in English is entertaining, so it stands to reason that a blog in any language would be entertaining. I've come across many, especially ones written in French that have caught my fancy.

I can read them. Get the gist of them. Sometimes get confused by them. Always enjoy the pictures. My biggest fear when reading a foreign language, even one I am fairly proficient at understanding, is "misunderstanding", and therefore commenting wrong.

My second fear is not only commenting wrong, but being misunderstood myself due to my inability to communicate understandably. I'm sure that I would botch things up terribly if I trusted my own response.

So I was thrilled to come across Google translator. It has been my life savor. If I'm not sure of something, I paste it into there. If I have something to say, I paste it into there, re-forming sentences until no "English" words come out that wouldn't be English anyway in the French language. (Each language structures their sentences differently and does or does not use the same phrases or words to mean the same type of thing, so a good play around is sometimes in order to get it correct. However as JamaGenie said, at least you get close enough. My point with re-forming is clearer in the next paragraph.)

How do I know it works? Because first of all, I put in what I do know the correct translation of, and it spits out the proper response. (I re-form what I have to to get it exact). Unlike Babel Fish, which despite its popularity, and the ability for one to put in a whole paragraph or paragraphs for translation as opposed to the one sentence or phrase capabilities of Google translator, it really doesn't cut the mustard, quite frankly, despite re-formation.

I also know it works because when I do put in my comment on whatever blog I'm using the translator for, I actually get a response back, and low and behold, I must have responded correctly, because they were pleased on more than one occasion.

Some websites, you've probably noticed, have a page or site translator widget attached to them. This makes my having to have another window open for copy/paste translation a much easier thing to have to go through. But there is one translator in particular that I am most keen on. That is the Google Translator widget. The original. The one that come directly from Google with no middle man. I wish all websites would have a lovely google translator on their pages, one like that of the great JamaGenie (whose blog, incidentally, you can click into right from this page towards the bottom, her latest for all to see and click into, so please do.

I was very excited to see it on her blog. So excited, in fact that I had to try once again to install one onto mine. Now, I know her blog is in English, that is not the point. The point is, she has one. So now anyone in the world could view it and enjoy it. I wanted the same. So, I'm a copy cat of sorts, on more than one count but I'll get to that shortly. At any rate, I must say that I feel especially inept at the fact that I didn't figure out how to install this widget direct from the source, preciously. In fact I feel downright retarded.

You see, I've tried before, to get one of those nifty translators in, but to no avail. Well, I'm here to tell you that I finally persevered. And I believe it's because she had the very right one. There is more than one web page translator, you know. Hers is the bees knees. It is from THE Google translator. So check it out, and play around with it. (I did! teehee). Mine is located at the top of the sidebar to the right there. The one issue I have, is that the "follow me" widget will not show up properly and instead shows that there is... an issue. So if the foreigner wants to follow you, they have to know that they have to do it in the site's language. Sucky. Of course there is always the rss feed, but I do enjoy seeing people's faces.

So special thanks to JamaGenie for allowing me my copy cat.

So how am on a copy cat on more than one count?


Well, one day, I strolled over to JamaGenie's blog and noticed a beautiful site (note the play on words). It was a new layout. Beautiful. Cozy. Special looking. It was from "The Cutest Blog on the Block" Well, after seeing this, I had to take a stroll over there to see what I could get my hands on. Unfortunately my favorites didn't come out right, and others had had the same problem with them not taking up the full space they were suppose to. However, if it weren't for the great JamaGenie, I would not have the cute blog background that I do today (my second one from "The Cutest Blog on the Bock"(you can check them out by clicking on their emblem on the top left corner of the page here or by looking them up, of course), I do tend to enjoy changes, you know - keeps me on my toes.

Now JamaGenie has a very sweet vintage looking blog background from Shabbyblogs.com, which I'll have to take a peak at, though I'm pretty sure no changes for a while here again, folks. (Should I eat my words now?)

Anyway, thank you JamaGenie, author and publisher of the wonderful blog Saturday's Child, for the inpiration to be a sort of copycat. My great appreciation for your lovely taste.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Elvis' Last Concert

Yesterday, Thursday, marked the day of Elvis' last concert some 30 years ago. Sad but true.

My mother loved Elvis tremendously. He came to St. Louis to do a concert and my father wouldn't take her. I don't remember why. I don't ever remember that she wanted to go. I just remember her exploding with it one day, years later.

When he died, she took it hard. You could tell. It was, looking back on it now, as though a piece of her youth had gone with him. His movies played for days on the local chanel and she watched, and so did I.

I have to admit that I too was in love with Elvis. I don't know a girl in her right mind who wouldn't be. He was so handsome (the younger him), so talented, so smooth and suave, so gentlemanly, so cool, and so sexy. Sometimes I wished I were born in another era, just so I'd have the chance to see the him - maybe in person! Alas, but not alack, for I had his movies to keep my fantasies alive.

It was his movies, more than his songs, that I loved. So very very much. I was glad he had done som many.

In honor of his last concert, I present to you some clips of movies he was in. I'm not going to go digging for the "just right" ones, I'll just post what I get to first. It doesn't matter anyway, because there was nothing he didn't do without perfection.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friendlier Cow Burps. Old News? Good News? No News at All?

Okay, so I'm reading today and I see an article that I could swear I heard about on NPR months and months ago. (Does this ever happen to you? Reporters act like something is a new thing, when in reality it's old news?) Could it be deja vu?

This particular article is about the fact that belching cows hold a suffocating 75% of the world's methane. This isn't news. We all knew that, or at least that's what we're told.

This makes me question. This makes me wonder, how exactly do they know this? I mean really. How are they measuring this. Is it a guess? Are they sure they didn't "test" a cow or two with some really bad indigestion due to onion grass overindulgence? Or what if the cows felt like they were being watched, making them nervous, therefor more apt to belch? Did you watch their test? Did you ask questions? Did they have a good control group?

And just who exactly are THEY and who do they take their orders from? Who's bribing them? Who's calling the shots?

PETA? Are they behind this? You'd think they'd be smarter about that; cows don't take birth control and the only other alternative is to neuter or spay (costly, and inhumane - to me anyway, though not to them I'm sure), or to slaughter them (I'm really thinking they would not like this route.)

Or is it the people who are behind the veggie burgers and turkey franks and soy milks that are behind this study? They'd like that, wouldn't they. Poo poo the cows and there's millions to be made! Mooohoooahhahahahah!

Okay, so now we move on.

The article was on more than just methane cow burps. It went on to talk about a new(?) idea. Scientist are now breeding eco-friendly cows. According to this article, this means, "cows that produce 25% less methane than less efficient cows."

Than less efficient cows? So 25% less than the queens of belching? What does this really do? I say it simply balances things out. What, so now we'll have more "normal" cows? It's not dropping anything to 50% from 75% necessarily. And how did they go about doing this? And what about the mutated cows that are born each day? The ones with 5 stomachs instead of 4? I'm sure they're out there. How do we know they're not? How do we know they're not the super belchers?

So now ranchers are being asked to breed cows that grow faster so they don't spend as much time being alive. The faster they grow, the shorter a life they can have. (Sweet) Please, like this is going to help anything. I can see the hunger in the farmers eyes. No less cows will be on the face of this earth at one given moment. I can see this going the way of a lot more cows for a lot more profit.

"Another method already being used to reduce methane emissions is feeding livestock a diet higher in energy and rich in edible oils, which ferment less than grass or low-quality feed." This shortens their time to market, in other words gets them fatter sooner. Well this is awesome if you like fatty steaks. No lean beef for me, thanks. If I were a slaughterer, I'd feel like I got milked in the eye over this one; cut a cow open, expect to find some nice meat only to find.... fat!

It seems to me scientists are making fools of themselves again, and you have to wonder where their principles lie. And if you ask me, this is no news at all.

To read the article that humored me so much this morning, got to http://www.reuters.com/article/environmentNews/idUSTRE55L5O620090622

So what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading, and see you in the comments.

Gorgeous photo above courtesy of National Geographic blog at http://blogs.nationalgeographic.com/blogs/admin/mt-search.cgi?tag=food&blog_id=59

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons with Magoo

There's been a LOT of rain around here lately. Thunderstorms all over the place. The ground is soaked. On the one hand, my plants aren't dying and it feels like spring. On the other hand, it's hot and I can't go swimming.


The kids and I can go puddle jumping.

Here's a great puddle jumper (pun intended).

Enjoy this Saturday Morning Cartoon with Magoo. And when you're done, don't forget to scroll down and click on Andrew T's link for some more Saturday morning cartoons.

Want more? How about hopping over to Frieda's article Favorite Cartoon Characters Make Commercials and Yes Some Were Banned.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jazz Night and a little murder

Thinking of changing Jazz night to Thursday due to my schedule. That way I can keep my promices. That said, we've got another Duke Ellington night. Why? Because I just came across an interesting article on one of the sights I belong to. Interesting read for tonight I thought. It revolves around... a murder! Exciting, yes?


"Anatomy of a Murder". The soundtrack is by the Duke himself. Here are some clips, including the fantastic and famous opening credits. Jazz, it does a movie good.

And, my friends, it's whiskey sours night. So go ahead and milk on one of them babies, have a watch, a listen, and a read. Enjoy.

Now tell me you don't want to watch the movie after this. It doesn't have The Duke, but it's some powerful stuff, none the less:

The Hub that inspired this post, about Duke Ellington's "Anatomy of a Murder" track: http://hubpages.com/_friedarecommends/hub/Duke-Ellingtons-Anatomy-of-a-Murder-soundtrack-music

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Singing Frog Saturday Morning Cartoon Time

Goodmorning everyone. Hope you had a great sleep. Ready for some wonderful fun? I am. I want to see the dancing and singing frog! You? Hope you've got your favorite breakfast cereal in a big huge bowl with some milk and a spoon. I'm feeling like Captain Crunch, but you go on and have what you like, and enjoy!

Not enough?


Don't forget to check out morning cartoon with Andrew T. http://www.andrewtisonthecut.com/

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Jazz Night - Don't spill that Scotch n Soda

Good evening everyone! Tonight we have something awefully special for you. It's a bit of one of my favorite swinging cats on the block. Born 100 years ago Saturday, he may be gone, but his jazzy tunes aren't. So grab your sweet heart, or take out your favorite pin up girl calendar, and let the music take you somewhere special. Somewhere everything's a-okay and fun fun fun. Some scotch n soda may not be a bad idea either.

Here's a fun one of Benny Goodman and his quartet in 1944. Ah to be at that club...

And yes, a couple of years before that he had a quintet. Wonder what happened to that fifth guy...

Benny Goodman on Clarinet

Disney even loved Benny...

Interested in a little Benny Goodman history? Here ya go. Interesting stuff.

Hope you enjoyed. For more great information, and some other songs. NPR Jazz has your beat. Check it out here. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=104713445&sc=nl&cc=jn-20090531

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Radio Waves Cancer and You

Lots of things these days give us cancer. We are gifted cancer from all over the world. Air, plastics, foods, beverages, interiors, exteriors, even our jobs and life in general are all more than happy to offer the simple gift of stress which in turn offers us the miraculous gift of cancer. We call people on our cell phones to tell them, which in turn, yes, gives us cancer. Is there anything that doesn't? Can anything lessen our chances of opening these gag gifts we've been receiving?

Well, first of all, unfortunately, Cancer is not a gag gift, though we all would love it to be. Cancer is not a thoughtful gift either. Nor is it a simple gift. I wish it were so. I wish it were a gift you could open up, have a laugh, and store in a closet or donate.

Cancer is much more serious than that. And one never knows the exact whats that contribute to this horrible thing.

There have been substantial leaps in the sciences and anthropologies that help people prevent and or relieve themselves of cancer. From early detection to complete lifestyle changes, Cancer can be beat.

Something scientists have now discovered is that there is a simple something that surrounds us every day that can help decrease our chances of aquiring cancer by 99%, that is if you are at risk of having esophageal cancer.

What is this wonderful thing? Radio waves. Simple as that. Radio waves.
If radio waves can stop someone from developing esophageal cancer, what other cancers can it prevent? I don't know. But I do know one thing. I'm tuning into my radio every chance I get.

For more information on this subject, link here: http://in.reuters.com/article/health/idINTRE54Q5LI20090527

Thanks for reading. Keep it real ma peeps.

Foley artist Buzz Moran and Lee Eddy as Molly Sloan
Photo courtesy of Salvage Vanguard Theater
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