Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twitter Celebrity Followers. Am I One?


It really gets this way some days. I've had to unfollow people cause I couldn't take it, and all my favorite people were getting lost in the shuffle. In fact, I'm debating unfollowing people as we speak. No, not you. Or you. And no, not you either. I'm talking about the people who follow celebrities and then you get to hear all about it. Egads! I mean really. If I wanted to know, I'd follow them, people! Give me some really great articles to read. Say something interesting. Take me the way of a really really cool photo you've taken.

And how do you lock in anyway? Anybody know?


Bill Zuback said...

Even though I have signed up and use it sparingly I have had a hard time warming up to the whole Twitter phenomenon. Do they have these Twitter meet-ups in St. Louis? They have them once a month in Milwaukee but I don't plan on ever attending one. Well maybe if a famous celeb like Frieda Babbley was attending?

Frieda Babbley said...

Oh you're kidding me. Egads. There probably is, I don't know of it though and I'll be damned if you ever find me at one. Ahhhhhahahaha! I just read your last line, you are too funny. I'll consider myself a celebrity when I get to be on the Ellen Show as a guest, and truly a celebrity when I get to be on Ellen's show and actually keep my calm. Haahaha. Thanks for the early morning laugh, Bill. Oh that was good.

Frieda Babbley said...

OMG You'll never believe the add I have at the middlish of the page towards the bottom. get 4,000 followers on twitter for 12.95. WTF! For real? That's more insane than the Twitter meet-ups. Okay, I've got some stories to brainstorm. This is just too funny! Oh! You know the photo on that magazine you recomended me to check out, which I love by the way and am considering sending something. Well they have those photographs to inspire your writing... there's that one of the two houses side by side. Twitter followers and don't know it. They have no clue. I feel cheesey but it sure makes me laugh and imagine some funny things.

Cindy said...

Oh the twitter bug....

Can you imagine a celebrity getting one of our twitters? It would probably go something like this:

Ate breakfast at work. Had donuts and cheese cubes. Listened to lectures at school. Cleaned. Exhasuted now. Night's falling.

Wow, wasn't that exciting??? I mean really, how could you be pulled away from such suspense and drama?

Oh well, I guess if a celebrity would write it, it would seem marvelous!

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