Saturday, May 30, 2009

Midnight love song

So it's midnight, and I just want all of you out there to know how much I care. Hope you've got your jammies and slow-ish dancing slippers on. This here's a sort of a two-fer. Enjoy.

Rick Astley - Click to watch

Who loves ya, babe?


opa said...

More : More : More!

My favorite band.
After Spike Jones and the City Slickers that is.

Oh those were the days !

Frieda Babbley said...

This is what would play at the cool clubs, and of course blaring from the radio by the poolside. Yeah, man. By the way Ag, are you Greek? Anyway, I was hard pressed to find this cause all his stuff doesn't allow embedding, so there's a link under the video to the real one and from there you can go onto others. I'll keep Spike Jones and the City Slickers in mind and get one of those on here some time soon. Glad you enjoyed!

Andrew T. said...

Arrgh!!! Rick Rolled Again!

Have you ever watched the actual video. I particularly enjoy the bartender. At first he's all "What's this noise?" Next time they show him, he has this look like "Mmm, this isn't all that bad." Finally, they show him and he's twirling like the classically trained dancer he really is because being a bartender is just his day job, or is it night job? Anyway, it's good for a laugh.

Andrew T. said...

One other thing, don't you find it strange how much Rick Astley looks like Bobby Flay? They're probably about the same age, right?

Frieda Babbley said...

Yes, well, as you could tell I was in a silly mood. you are so right, they do sort of look alike, but Bobby is huskier than Rick. Related? Rick's got a "broadway musical" voice. Have your heard his non pop stuff? Higher in tone. Looks the part too. I can picture him being all kinds of characters. I bet he's done some musicals in his time.

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