Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jazz Night ~ Smooth and Delicious

How about something smooth. Delicious, tonight.
I'm thinking... some coletrain. Pour that cocktail. Grab a stogie. Relax. And yes, all is well with the world....

John Coltrane - Every Time We Say Goodbye - 1961

John Coletrain - On Green Dolphin Street - 1960

And here's something interesting and Coletrane related for your viewing pleasure, when you're done, of course.

On Green Dolphin Street 1947

Enjoy, my friends. Tonight.... enjoy.


Andrew T. said...

Outstanding!!! I love me some Coletrane! I'm sitting here at work listening to these as we speak. Wonderful selections. Thanks so much!

captain cloud said...

Thanks for opening up your club and invitin me to chill

Bill Zuback said...

I hope you don't start charging cover now that your club is getting so popular.

captain cloud said...

No it is still free, but damn the price of the drinks and cigars went up!

Frieda Babbley said...

It would be nice if I'd actually comment back, right?! Thanks Andrew, I'm glad you enjoyed. I'm still coming here for a listen. Very relaxing I must say.

CC and Bill, your welcome, no cover, ever! Not here at Frieda's. Yeah, drinks and cigars, now there's nothing I can do about that, folks. Rules are rules and I have to pay for my liquor license and smoking section insurance. Sorry. By the way, if you guys have any faves, let me know so I can pull up some info and view for you.

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