Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Got Tagged in a Game of Blog Tag Too! What are the Chances?

Okay, speaking of chances, in other words, coincidences, I've been a fan of PinkPackrat for quite some time now. Pretty much since I started blogging last September. It didn't matter what she really wrote about, it was the way she wrote about it, and does, of course, that totally gets me enthralled. Needless to say, I'm hooked. I've been hooked.

Somehow or other I drifted, don't know how or what was going on. I think I did a feed instead of a follow because I was such a newbie and there's a million places where you can get your feed to store. Anyway, we were separated for about two months I think, maybe three I don't remember exactly. Then I shot her a glance again, one day just stumbled upon her somehow, and the next thing you know, I find out I know her! Well, not in person, but I know her writing on HubPages. Did the same to me there as she did to me here on blogspot. What a coincidence, huh? Out of the millions of people out there that blog and I happen to walk in on her Gin joint on today of all days... You get what I'm saying, of course.

So this wonderful blogger pal of mine, who incidentally got me onto Twitter all because of one of her blog posts, has decided to tag me. Why? Do you have to ask? Please. It's because I'm "delightful". Don't believe me, check out this post.

So what's this all about, this tag thing? Kinda like what we do on Facebook once in a while. The person who starts it is usually someone who wants to talk about themselves and then tags someone so they can read about the initial narcissist (I'm kidding here, I think. I don't really know who started this whole business. They could have been bullied into it for all I know.) At any rate, after that, it becomes a game. A way of getting to know people you know but don't really know. And it really is loads of fun. So here are the rules:

  1. Mention the blogger who tagged you and link to his /her blog (check)
  2. Post three lists of eight things about you that people don't know
  3. Tag eight of your favorite bloggers and don't forget to tell them they've been tagged.

So, let's play Blog Tag, shall we? By the way, if I had actually clicked into the Blog Tag link, I wouldn't have gone on my rant about how it started, I think...

List #1: Things I've always wanted to do

  1. Be a beekeeper and make my own honey and honey/wax products
  2. Stay for a month in the French countryside living the quiet life
  3. have my own writing studio that opens to a gorgeous garden
  4. have a green thumb
  5. Own a duck or two
  6. publish a book
  7. have my articles published in big magazines
  8. have a syndicate column for a while
  9. have a nice juicy mystery read to me and Dave by the one and only George Guidell, in person
  10. fall asleep to George Guidell reading a juicy mystery to me and Dave.

List #2: Foods I love

  1. Tyropita
  2. Steak
  3. Mashed potatoes
  4. Brown Cows (the ice cream on a stick with the chocolate coating)
  5. Ted Drews frozen concrete with pineapple or raspberry or reeces peanut butter cups or cling peaches or reeses pieces (they don't have this last topping, but I've had it somewhere similar and it's completely to die for.
  6. Potato skins
  7. gyros
  8. salads
  9. deviled eggs on soft white bread
  10. spaghetti
  11. dolmathes with a side of feta and calamata olives
  12. toast with butter and drizzled honey
  13. calamari on french bread with the sauce that comes with them and loads of lemon juice
  14. baklava
  15. skewer barbequed cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, red and yellow peppers, zuchini, red onion
  16. tomato beef stew
  17. chicken casserole
  18. eggplant parmaesan
  19. pizza
  20. yogurt/fruit/granola/honey on a plate with a spoon and some lovely piece and quiet with a cup of earl grey or english breakfast, dash of milk

List #3: Things I love

  1. my family and pets
  2. scarves
  3. heels
  4. dresses
  5. hardwood floors
  6. laughing
  7. happy children
  8. a clean and organized house
  9. reading
  10. NPR
  11. vacations
  12. walking in perfect weather
  13. the coastal highway in Oregon
  14. music - jazz, lounge, classical, classic rock, folk and lots of other kinds
  15. Target
  16. black nail polish
  17. movies
  18. laptops
  19. bookstores and those thong bookmarks with the wax string and the beautiful beads.
  20. water with lots of lemon

#1 thing about me:

  1. I like to bend the rules (please note I couldn't contain myself, hope you all don't mind. If you did mind, I hope you stopped after number eight in each list.)

Okay. Onto tagging others. I'm tagging 8 people. Here they are:

  1. andrew t (Hello! For news and view, walk this way! This man has got it going on my friends.)

  2. Karen Luttrell (never miss a one, this women is a blessing to the blog world)

  3. Ronnie Kerrigan (for something interesting and a bit different, always with a reflection to ponder)

  4. Annie (a dream come true, love her stuff and yes, she's got more than one blog. Plus, she's organized and loves beautiful things!)

  5. Cherrie Pie (ALWAYS a good read, enjoy her immensely)

  6. Bill Zuback (photographer extraordinaire)

  7. Okay Tom, I'm gonna do this to you. And I still want to know if I need a body guard or not. (for all your locksmith needs, Tom's your man) Visit him on HubPages

  8. And dear dear Dave. Here's lookin' at you, kid.
  9. And here's another by a very good friend with a lot going on. But type your comments loudly as his hearing aid may occasionally need a new battery.
  10. Okay and a last minute add on I almost forgot about. Brittany, love you! I'm on my way to tack you on to the favorites on the bottom of my page here. Yes everyone, Brittany is another awesome blogger with two wonderful blogs. The Mirage Writer and The Work From Home Blog. You can find her profile here and choose where you want to go.



pinkpackrat said...

Ahh Frieda-- you have a way of making everything soooooo much fun. I love the way you do blogtag--you really are delightful:-) I agree with you about the month in the French countryside but not about calamari or being a beekeeper and I am thrilled I have eight new blogs to check out-- cheers and thanks for playing the game.

Ronnie Kerrigan said...

hi Frieda

Thanks for the message - welcome as always. Also for including me under your list of sites under Blog Tag - I, for one, will participate; sounds like fun; something I was unaware of.

Take care


Frieda Babbley said...

Awesome Ronnie! Thanks. Always enjoy your crazy stories.

pinkpackrat, thanks for tagging me! Sorry it took so long. Load of fun this was. Cool to get turned onto new bloggers, isn't it? You know Andrew T of course and maybe some others, but hopefully, you'll find some new gems like I did from your tag post.

Bill Zuback said...

I will try my best Frieda. So much pressure among so many very talented creatives.

Frieda Babbley said...

Special thanks to those of you who have responded. Some of you I've e-mailed back. Just remember, your lists can be about absolutely anything. Go wild! Hope you all caught "midnight love song" dedicated to all my fans and favorite people.

Andrew T. said...

Of course I am late to the party. So very sorry. I am flattered and honored that you thought of me. I'll have to think about it and will let you know when I've completed the challenge.

P.S. I love the new look for the site. Classy as always!

Frieda Babbley said...

Your welcome Andrew. Take your time. Took me forever. I don't know why.

And thanks. Glad you like the new look. And glad you weren't checking it out over the weekend. It was changing every five minutes. I had writers block. That's was happens when I have writers block. I start organizing.

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