Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whole Foods Sells Air!

This is NOT a joke... Or is it? Got tweeted this morning by Chris Brogan (who's cyber birthday it is today, so visit his site and be sure to give him a quick Happy Birthday and tell him Frieda sent you), tweeting that Whole Foods is selling air. And sure enough, on their site they are selling air. They are also selling:

  • Deep fried pork eclaires
  • Arugula compost surprise
  • Ham and Asparagus Shortcake
  • Chianti-Gorgonzola Popsicles
  • Toast
  • and Indian Amazonian Guatemalan Honduran Balinese Rice
Their Whole Story Blog at offers great stories today as well:
  • When milk goes bad: 12 daring recipes
  • No such thing as too much salt
  • Experts find: eating food curbs hunger
  • "Whole Deal" splits into 500 tiny deals
  • Money-saving tip: bathtub wine
I can't seem to find them, but maybe it's just me.

The greatest thing ever?
Whole foods has a fabulous treat for all banana bunch purchasers today:

Featured Local Grower
Peter Parker of Tulsa, OK raises Huntsman spiders, often mistaken for deadly Brazilian Wandering Spiders. Whole Foods Market is proud to offer one free spider with every 50-lb. purchase of organic bananas.

I'm sure many of you have heard about the Brazilian spider found in a bunch of bananas the other day.

Yes, you heard me right.

If you got bitten by one of these Brazilian spiders, this very second, you would have only 25 minutes to live, give or take a few seconds.


Don't be, the spider was found and captured into a jar by a Whole Foods employee and subsequently destroyed? I'm thinking they have really good transit systems in South America, because in fact the banana's were from Honduras, so... well, let's just say you do the math.

Go-o-o employee (perhaps of the month?!) anyway. Good for you. Quick thinking.

No? It wasn't a Brazillian spider? Okay, confusing. But not so much, considering the bananas WERE from Honduras.

Here's something a little less confusing, or more confusing depending on how much confusion you're feeling:

On the Whole Foods Market homepage, today only, you find a video called "Change a flat tire the organic way with our step by step turorial". Unfortunately, I tried to view it, with no luck. Perhaps your luck will be better. But I doubt it.


Because, silly, it's April Fools 2009. Get with the program.

photos are screenshots of Whole Foods homepage from my computer

For more on the Brazillian spider story, go to:,0,315535.story or,2933,509876,00.html

DON'T FORGET TO WISH CHRIS BROGAN A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! GO TO AND LET HIM KNOW FRIEDA SENT YOU! If it weren't for his tweet, this post would not have been!


pinkpackrat said...

My God-- Whole Foods has EVERYTHING--including air. What will they think of next?

Frieda Babbley said...

Pretty funny, huh? Too bad it's not for real... or is it? Thanks for reading, glad you liked!
And if I didn't ever take your advice and twitter, I never would have had this story. So double thanks!

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