Monday, April 13, 2009

Sarcasm and You

One of my cyber friends, Andrew T. (Incidentally one of the most fabulous bloggers I've come across) has admitted to a burden he must bear. It is the burden many of us hold. It is the burden of sarcasm. Sounding like one is being sarcastic whether one is or not.
Ah, yes, sarcasm.
  • the ever elusive,
  • the never elusive,
  • the humorous,
  • the not so humorous,
  • the friend making,
  • the enemy making,
  • sarcasm

I feel for Andrew. It's something all us sarcasm and dark humor users often endure. People tend to wonder about where we're comming from with our comments and daily banter.

  • are we serious?
  • should they laugh?
  • should they agree?
  • disagree?
  • be offended?
  • be flattered?
  • cry?
Some of us are misconstrued as being a serious and overzealous user of sarcasm just by being us. Is it something about the way we look? The way we say things? Our demeaner? Our use of words? Do others think we are like this all the time?
Here's a great example I think we can all appreciate, despite the side of sarcasm we're on. Check it:


julesb555 said...

There can be allot of fun in a sarcastic banter, humor and wit come out to play. Though it's interesting to understand why sarcasm was labeled the lowest form of wit. Being on the receiving end if you're not into sarcastic humor is hurtful. Maybe it's a mood thing for some as to whether they can see the funny side of it. But I love to use this form of conversation with someone who can keep up.

Frieda Babbley said...

Sarcasmic banter can be quite fun. People are so used to sarcasm about certain things, or expect to hear it from certain people and therefore get mistaken. It's pretty funny if you think of it. I love that Kids in the Hall video so much because it's so extreme.

Andrew T. said...

First, I'm sooo honored that you thought of me. I mean really, I'm touched.

See, I'm a pro.

Seriously, thanks, as always, for the kind words up top and this lovely ode to sarcasm complete with a first rate clip. I do miss the Kids in the Hall. You've made my day!

Frieda Babbley said...

Thanks for letting me know. At first I wasn't sure if I should cry or not =O.

Do you know they're touring? They were in St. Louis and I totally missed them! What's that about?

Bill Zuback said...

I was at my mom's house with her handy man that's fixing the house to sell, the house selling agent, and my wife last week. We use sarcasm all the time in my family and I said something to my mom that when I left, Nick the handyman said, "I was ready to kick your son in the ass after what he said" My mom had to remember what I said and then proceed to tell Nick that I'm always saying stuff like that and it's no big deal.I didn't think anything of it but when I reflect on what I said and if your not familiar with our family banter it could be mistaken as a pretty rude comment.

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