Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ellen Degeneres, Gladys Hardy, Meatloaf, Borat, Movie Theatres, Fifteen Dollar Sixpacks, and More

This is not the phone Ellen used to call people with when she's on her show. She uses a rotary phone.

As you all probably know, I absolutely love Ellen Degeneres and always have, since the first time she did her stand up show that aired on television so many many years ago. I think she's totally got it going on. She really does! Don't disagree with me because I can't hear you. Lalalalallalaalalaa, can't hear you, lalalalalllalalalaaa!

Enough of that.

My favorite part of her show is when she calls people. And I must say some of her best is her calls to Gladys, an 88 year old woman. Can this woman talk! She's funny, she's hysterical, and for a while, it was her voice you could hear that introduced Ellen on The Ellen Show (which by the way airs on NBC at 1pm Monday through Friday Central Standard Time).

Gladys loves Tom Selick, David Spade, and Brad Pitt. She says, "I may be old, honey, but I'm not dead." Oh, and she's married to Floyd who's slept through 10 years of their marriage... so the magic is still there.

My sister sent me a great video of Ellen talking to Gladys about American Idol and the opossum haired guy on there that she likes, well, she likes his voice. From there I went to another and another and another. I laughed myself silly!

So, in commemoration of dear Gladys, thought I'd share a clip with you. Take a look...

In case you missed it:
Gladys' Meatloaf Recipe
  • Cook it in a crock pot (hamburger meat)
  • add some regular store bought ketchup
  • some grated cheese
  • and tad bit of beer
  • just let it cook like that until it's done.

photo found at a great blog about Ellen giving out free razr 2's on her show.


J A S said...

errr, I left a comment, but it seems to have gone into the ether....

Gladys is such fun. What a sweetie-

Andrew T. said...

My wife got me into Ellen during my time off after our daughter was born. Any show that has a DJ for music and opens with the whole audience dancing is awesome! I wish somebody would finance me for that kind of job!

Thanks for the fun video!

Frieda Babbley said...

@JAS Isn't she though. She so hysterical because she's so herself and so in the truth. Can't wait to be 88.

@Andrew I'd love that kind of job myself. If you ever get into it, think of me. I don't mind making a silly fool of myself. Welcome. Had to share cause it just made my evening.

As Glady's would say, "Keep on keepin' on"

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