Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear God! Could this be for real?

Okay, so I'm going through my e-mail today and am noticing I've got junk mail.

I check it occasionally because I have friends who's e-mails, for one reason or another, keep getting plopped in there, despite the fact that I have them as friends in my contacts. If not for that recent discovery, my junk mail would be deleted by a push of a button every time.

I have received that spam before about the South African or England bank having funds for me because someone died and left me an inheritance. Yeah right. Please. I know every one of my family members and most are dead or in Greece, or are lightly scattered about the United States and Canada. And even those are mostly distant. And if they were distant, they wouldn't know about me, and if they did would they not have tried to contact me by mail or legal documentation via mail? I mean please. Besides which it's not like you can google my e-mail, right?

I once received a tracking number. Well, whatever it was, was already picked up. (I did check because I didn't want to be responsible for anything like that. I assumed it would let me know who it was from and who it was to. Not the case on either count. And my name meant nothing to the money wiring place, whatever it was called, I've forgotten now. At least not via the tracking area. I went no further than that.) This was a few months ago.

I have since gotten letters asking for all sorts of personal information, which I get rid of immediately. I'm not stupid, after all. Perhaps a bit naive, but not stupid.

There was even a woman from South America who's husband died or left her or something and she needed me to take her money. WHAT? Delete... forever.

Well, I have to say, I wish I had kept all those letters. They would have made quite the story, or save my ass if the following e-mail is indeed true.

The following e-mail was sent to me via Robert Mueller III (, apparently I'm that popular, LOL, though it truly being from him is seriously doubtful. It is e-mailed to: Undisclosed recipients. No e-mail, that info in undisclosed. Apparently there is more than one recipient. It is the first e-mail I have received that may possibly be a real "from" e-mail, so I do have to say I'm rather tickled by it.

From: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Dept: Anti-Terrorist & Monetary
Crimes Division
Office: Washington, D.C. Headquarters
Address: J.
Hoover Building 93 Pennsylvania Avenue, Nw Washington, D.C.


This is to officially
inform you that a
foreign bank from West Africa have transferred funds worth
Millions of
United States Dollars with your name as the
beneficiary. This
bank knows that they do not have enough facilities to effect this
from their location to your account and therefore they
used what is
known as Secret Diplomatic Transit Payment (S.T.D.P) to do this transfer and
they are currently awaiting a confirmation from you for final
your account. Secret diplomatic payments are not made unless the funds
related to terrorist activities, so if you are not intending to
terrorism and your transaction is legitimate, why then did you
agree to receive
these funds through this means that was used instead of a
transfer to
your account?

We demand your immediate
response with full details
of the transaction you are doing that involved
this huge sum because the funds
are currently being held in our custody. You
must provide us with a Diplomatic
Immunity Seal of Transfer (DIST) within 3
days from the world local bank that
authorized the fund transfer to
certify that the funds you are about to receive
are clean and free from
terrorist and drug. Until this document is provided we
shall have cause
to cross and impound the transfer and will come to your
house to arrest



1. Credit payment instruction:
irrevocable credit
2. Beneficiary has full power when
validation is cleared.
Beneficiaries bank in can only release funds.
4. Upon confirmation from the
world bank / united nations.
Bearers must clear bank protocol and


We have requested for the DIST document to make available the
most complete and
update records possible for the enhancement of public
safety, welfare and
security of Society while recognizing the importance of
individual privacy
rights. If you fail to provide the Document to us, we
will charge you with the
financial crimes. The United Nations Department of
Justice Order 556-73
establishes rules and regulations for the subject of an
FBI Identification
Record to obtain a copy of his or her own Record for
review. The FBI Criminal
Justice Information Service (CJIS) Division processes
these requests to check

Robert S.
Mueller III,

What I want to know is:

  • Who sent this?
  • Why send it?
  • Should I be concerned?
  • Should I report it?
  • If I should report it then to whom do I report it to?
  • WTF?
  • Does this e-mail have any relation to the idiot e-mails about monies transfered that "would not be sent to me unless I provided my important information" which I didn't? The ones written in improper English.
  • Should I be laughing?

Hmmmm. Something for all of you out there to ponder. Any thoughts? Anyone ever hear of anything like this or receive anything like this? Should I let the FBI know? Should I report this? I'll be researching this online. Let you know if I have any answers.

Much love,

Frieda Babbley

Hopefully my next post won't be coming from the slammer.

p.s. this man apparently has the same issues.


Andrew T. said...

Maybe it's real. Write Back! Come on, you know you want to!

pinkpackrat said...

Thanks for the peek into your spam folder. Just loved it. BTW where is the Nigerian prince these days anyway?

Stay out of the slammer, Frieda and keep on posting.

Frieda Babbley said...

I must say their English is getting better. I only found two mistakes that were in your face mistakes. LOL.

No word on the Nigerian prince, oh well.

captain cloud said...

The nigerian prince is being held for ransom. If you send me the money, I will see to it that he gets released. When they release him, the fbi will swoop in and recover your money. I know who to send it to, so just give me the money.

(My verification word is Arsol)

Bill Zuback said...

You haven't requested vacation brochures to Gitmo recently, have you?

Frieda Babbley said...

Lol, Bill. Have you done that? Do you get these too?

No, I have not. I'm ashamed to say I don't know where Gitmo is offhand.

And Captain Cloud, I know where you live. I've got 10 dollars if number one sone hasn't taken it. Will that do? If not, well, I suppose the prince is out of luck.

Oh and by the way, that may be the new guy from down the street you're holding hostage. Check for a Marylou's kitten tatoo on the right butt cheek. Just make him walk, the pants'll move out of the way for you.

Bill Zuback said...

No I haven't received emails like that. As I was reading the comments your slide show was passed through that doll head photo of yours. I love that!

Frieda Babbley said...

That's one of my favorite photos! Wanna know where I found that? You're never going to believe it... Microsoft Clip Art! Yes! I'm totally serious! I was in shock myself.

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