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Cleaning with Four Seasons Five star Housekeeping Staff

Me. Just hangin' out, watchin' tv. Doin ma yo-ga... Oh wait, wrong photo.

I actually watched some television today. I rarely if ever do, but Ellen, you know, Ellen DeGeneres? Ellen gave me a tweet (on twitter) about her show. Very exciting... Oprah called and asked her to be on the cover of O Magazine. A dream come true for Ellen, I can tell you. She's been wanting Oprah to be a guest on The Ellen Show or for Oprah to invite her to be a guest on Oprah for... what... an eternity? So yeah Ellen, that's fantastic! Maybe Oprah will agree to a shower song? (Only fans of Ellen would know about this, so if you don't you've got to check it out on you tube or watch The Ellen Show.

Okay, brief sidetrack there. So I was watching television today and after Ellen is Days of our Lives, painstakingly awful, but I kept it on because it gave me a nice brain dead buzz. We all need one of those every once in a while, don't we? Well, I'm glad I did, because had I not kept my television tuned onto Days, as it's called by fans, not me, I'm not a fan, and turned it off instead, I would have missed "Show Me St. Louis".

Welcome to Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis
Photo from Four Season's Hotel St. Louis website.

On "Show Me" today, the first feature was all about Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis' Housekeeping staff. Interesting feature that offered lots of great housecleaning tips. Here are some of them that I thought I'd share with you.
Four Seasons Hotel housekeeping staff clean up scuff marks with tennis balls. They poke one onto the end of a broomstick, and bingo, there you go. Rubs those nasty scuff marks off any floor. Duh (this is a tip I've got to remember).

They also clean each room from the top down (one of my personal tricks). This way, the dirt goes down, down, down, the further down you go, until, finally, it all ends up on the floor. Then its vac or mop and voila, you're done and all is clean.

Telephones, light switches and door knobs are all wiped down as well (another one of my tricks). Where people's hands go, I go, and so should you, every time you do a thorough cleaning, which should be once a month in most households; singles or super clean keep-my-hands-to-myself people can get away with a thorough cleaning like this once a season. I'm not certain if they do, but I also include doors; especially the middle knob area, as most people's hands hold, linger, open, and close with their hand attached to this spot as opposed to the doorknob. And lets not forget door frames Those suckers connected to the wall get some good action. You'd be surprised at the dirt you'll find on your towel or cloth after a good wet swipe. Your house will look surprisingly cleaner when you're done. Don't believe me? Give it a try.

Housekeeping at Four Seasons also have another trick up their sleeve which helps keep their vacuum cleaners shiny and new. They use a cloth cover for the nose on their vacuum cleaners. I myself know how ugly a scuffed up vacuum cleaner can be, however I choose the used and loved look for my vacuum cleaner.

Fact: At Four Seasons Hotel, the housekeeping staff takes 40 minutes to clean one room and each cleans 11 rooms a day.

How do they get into shape? They stretch and do a little jogging in place. I'm serious. Each morning before getting started, they all meet in the housekeeping office and do a group warm up. Its mandatory. It keeps them in shape and gets them ready to take on those rooms so your stay can be as fresh and cozy as possible.

With a staff and housekeeping as great as this, it's no wonder Four Seasons is St. Louis' best and only five star hotel. So if you're ever looking to visit, or just want to get out of the house and have someone else cook and clean for you for a change, I recommend Four Seasons St. Louis hotel. I believe you just can't go wrong with this one.

Comfort and luxury ideal for entertaining

Thanks for reading. Comments always welcome.

You can find what I watched today here, and see other clips and episodes of "Show Me St. Louis" on .


Anonymous said...

Ok Frieda, you took the long way home here. But once you got home, it was so nice and clean. And not a plocr on the walls!

Frieda Babbley said...

Nope, not a plocr in sight. Thanks for saying so.

J A S said...

I generally find that guests to my home make no mess. This is because they are asked to wear Tyvek white suits- you know like the scene of crime suits that the police wear.

I also provide white gloves and a shoe cover. This stops any skin cells- the biggest cause of house dust contaminating my home.

Perhaps I could suggest that to the hotel?

Oh, can I also initiate a discussion about Eggs Benedict? As it started in the U.S. I'm interested to know how many eggs you would use- the muffin to egg ratio.

A famous cafe here in York will insist on serving 1 egg to 1 muffin. This leaves the person in a bit of a pickle- that is which half to eat first?

The half with the egg on, or the half without the egg on. Personally, I felt that the very name- 'eggs' gave the game away, but who is the customer to complain in this way.

As for the tennis ball- I'm just popping out to buy one....

Frieda Babbley said...

I'm on the eggs benedict as we speak. We've got to get to the bottom of this catastrophe!
Fabulous idea about the Tyvek, glove, and shoe cover. Brilliant in fact. Do you know where I could get some of superior quality? Do they come in one size fits all?

J A S said...


I have an ear infection- dizzy, off balance, sickly. The security word is GLUEAR.

As for Tyvek, I have use elastic bands to gather excess fabric- simple when you know how.

EGG Benedict- verry annoying.

Frieda Babbley said...

No way! Gluear? You've got to be kidding me. How spooky is that?!

The bands are an excellent idea. I've got plenty of them in WARAP disinfectant so I should have to problems. Thanks for the tip.

Egg benedict. I can't even believe it. The nerve. Well, I'll have a post ready for discussion group by Monday. And on Sunday, I'm going to have to go to brunch and see what happens when I order. Hmmph. The nerve.

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