Monday, March 23, 2009

The Bible May Be Onto Something

My home page is It's part of wikipedia, the best free online dictionary and encyclopedia I've ever experienced. I totally love it. Why? Because I love to read about all kinds of really cool things. That, and I can set my page to show me exactly, and only, the feeds I want. It's like reading (or listening) to my own little newspaper.

Each day there is an article of the day from wikipedia. Today's article has to do with one of the gifts of the three wise men; the very same gift that is burned as incense in most churches for thousands of years. The smell is, to me, inseparable and directly correlated with the intrigue of old, ornate churches, and old sermon styles and hymns. It adds to the atmosphere. Too much of it and you pass out thanking Jesus. Too little and you catch yourself sniffing deep.

Apparently Frankincense has been linked to curing bladder cancer. "...researchers believe an enriched extract of the frankincense herb boswellia carteri may help fight bladder cancer. In laboratory experiments, the oil suppressed cancer growth and induced apoptosis, a process also known as programmed cell death." Interesting stuff.

Click HERE to get the full scoup on this exciting approach and correlation. It will take you to a bunch of news articles that talk about it. Pretty cool. Now if they can just find a cure for other cancers, like breast cancer, that would be just fine by me.

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Photo credit by Sea Moon, titled "Fine Frankincense" © All rights reserved, can be found on flickr, and was taken on July 15, 2008 and uploaded March 5, 2009.


Bill Zuback said...

Can you only get the Frankincense experience in a Church? If so, I'm screwed.

Frieda Babbley said...

I'd be screwed at this point too. No. It's an interesting article. Amazing. How do they think of trying these things out. I often wonder and I'm often glad of the creative people out there that try these things out.

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