Monday, February 2, 2009

Blog Bling ~ I'm Soooo Cool!

So I suppose by now you've noticed something really outstanding on Frieda Babbley. Oustanding indeed. It really stands out, doesn't it? It's the new NeoBar from NeoWORX.

I've always thought those country and counter widgets were way cool. So when I noticed one on a blog I happened to be passing through, I decided to click on the icon thingy and see if I could maybe get myself one 'o them there hismafitchies.

Well, I did. And here it is. Plain as day. In your face. Ready to play with. Even if it IS a pain in the batukus.

But it's fun. It's bling. It's... exciting. Did I mention you can IM on this thing? Well, sort of. Leave me or others reading, a note? Even add smilies? Well yes, you can!

I would have prefered more info found on it. Perhaps even an rss feed like some of the other widgets available on that site. But who's complaining. I figure I can put up with it for a couple of days before I reach in and wring its neck for popping up every time I try to read something close to the bottom of the page.

Mind you, it CLAIMS that none of your original blog content will be covered. I'm more than certain you have discovered that this is a misleading claim. Yes, I set it in right. I followed all of the simple directions exactly. Still in the way, if you have things below your posts, which is technically outside the realm of "original blog content". Sorry. The NeoBar IS new; how new, I'm not sure, I didn't check. So perhaps they just have some glitches to fix and will take into consideration changing this. While they're doing that, I'd like to let NeoWORX know that maybe they should play with size and intrusiveness a bit. Maybe even being able to place it differently on your page, like as a sidebar or a header.

Overall I give it an 8. It's catchy, fun, exciting, a definite blog bling; and it was, I must add, one of the simplest widgets to apply. I do love it for that.

Let's hear it for Frieda's "Blog Bling"! Check it out, try it out, and don't forget to leave me a note... with a smiley. I like those ;)

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