Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bill Zuback Has His Eye On A Great Idea!

An awesome blog I love to follow is Backtothezu, A Visual Journey. It belongs to Bill Zuback, photographer. You may have clicked into it if you've noticed it on my lists of faves. If you haven't give a click because it's got some way cool stuff on there, from his very own photos, to memoir pieces, to poems. If I may say so, he's got his "eye on life" too.

I'm here to promote a fabulous idea he came up with. A fine art photography series in which he interprets paragraphs from literature through photography. He's launched the first one with an excerpt from Travels in the Scriptorium by Paul Auster.

Bill is asking for people to contribute a paragraph for consideration. For details link to What Have You Read Lately. Come back each week and see if he's picked your paragraph to visualize his journey. Or just to see what paragraphs people are donating. Contributing is easy. Hope you can join him!

Much Love,


Bill Zuback said...

Frieda, Thank you so much for your support. I have worked on many series but this one definitley seems to have legs. It seems to have sparked excitement among many. I work for a magazine publishing company and many of my co-workers who are editors are eager to see how it progresses. Some terrific challenging entries so far. Let the visual journey begin. THANKS!

Frieda Babbley said...

You're welcome, Bill. I can't wait to see it all in motion. It's exciting!

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