Friday, February 27, 2009

Hubber Poll: Grade A Prime HubNuggets - Feb. 27th

Hubber Poll: Grade A Prime HubNuggets - Feb. 27th

I'm on here! Yes, me! Please vote for your favorite! (Mine of course.) You don't have to be a part of the hubber community to do so! Mine is "How to Keep Yourself Beautiful All the Time."
I want to say I never expected this in my wildest dreams. But here I am, and at the time of writing this, I am in the lead. (Yay me!)

I'd like to throw out a special thanks to everyone's support and inspiration. There are super bloggers and hubbers out there that I enjoy and discover every day. Each and every one of you keep me going and spark great things to ponder and write about. So Kudos to all of you. You guys are, in a word, AWESOME!

Thanks for checking us hubbers out. And don't forget to vote!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Postcards ~ Dear Jason

Dear Jason,

Hope all's well in Nova Scotia. Baught two new toads for the cactus garden and a new wreath for the front door, the one we made was looking a bit weathered. Josie's doing fine. She waits by the front door for spring to get here. Have you heard of tomato plantain? It's a new favorite of mine. I'll send you the recipe. I like to dip my corn chips in it and play scrabble with my online friends. They miss you by the way. They're used to hearing news about you, but I haven't had anything to say for a while as you haven't written me yet. I know it's only been a day or two, but I'd really appreciate a postcard.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Profile Question

Random Question:
You can whistle and steam can whistle, so why do you sing in the shower?

Okay, this question does NOT make sense people. I am not steam. And I am not in the shower to let off steam. Well, not most of the time. I am in there to get clean.

Hello! Anybody in there? Hello?

Who comes up with these questions anyway. Jeesh.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Hello fellow readers! Hope you're having a wonderful day.

Just wanted to let you all know that:

  • I am striving to have a new post here by the end of the weekend.
  • I have started my own hub at HubPages as well. Frieda Babbley on HubPages. I'll set a link on my sidebar by the end of the weekend as well. Check it out, tell me what you think here once you get a look at it. And please let me know if you have any topics you want me to cover. In the mean time, you can take a quick peak by clicking here or by googling "Frieda Babbley hub". Should be the first choice. Feel free to look around as the formatting is much different than it is here on dear old blogspot.
  • JAS and I will also be starting a new blog dedicated to Soula. That's right. JAS will be writing the part of James. We'll let you know when this blog is up and running and ready for viewing. All Soula posts posted here will be duplicated onto that one so we can have her all in one spot. And we're going to want to hear your ideas and critiques, so please feel free
  • Bill Zuback has his next fine art photo literature interpretation ready for viewing on BacktotheZu! View it, read about it, and please comment comment comment. Feedback is something we all want so please share your thoughts, anonymously if you wish (just sign out and comment as anonymous if you feel more comfortable commenting this way -- some of us are shy, I know, I've been there.) It's a fabulous concept and it is really exciting! Awesome work Bill!

Enjoy your weekend, everybody! Fill it with awesome blogs from awesome people.

Much Love, Frieda

Monday, February 16, 2009

Excuse Me While I Run the Other Way

There are times when you just don't know what is going on in your life. You've woken up and taken your shower, washed your hair, washed your face, and scrubbed where the sun don't shine (assuming you're not a nudist). You've brushed your hair, or combed it, put on a suitable outfit, found your comfy shoes, brushed your teeth, put on your deoderant, and are ready for a good day. Scratch that. Great day! You've even smiled at your self in the mirror. The sun is shining. Awesome! What next?

Well, I'll tell you what's next. Your shirt is really on backwards. Your shoes really don't match. Your kids are finding everything they can to fight about, and they bring it all to you, with no intension of having you solve any of these problems, as what they are really looking for is for the "other person" to get into trouble so said child can feel better about life in general. You really don't know what to do first, so you don't do anything at all, you just think about what you could or should be doing in between, "Mama. Mama. Mama," and, "Mama." When you wipe your face in exasperation you feel that gross, big, red, greasy pimple that, yes, was there when you thought you looked so beautiful this morning. It was there all along, staring you in the face. But you didn't notice it because you were optimistic and feeling gleeful after your smashing shower rendition of 9 to 5.

It is almost four in the afternoon and you realize your brain is mush. It's almost dinner time and childen are STILL grabbing food from anywhere they can, including out of eachother's hands, due to sheer boredom and one upping their sibbling. (Ha, haaa, ha-ha, ha). Your sweats are feeling tight. Your face is starting to feel not so fresh. You want, well, you're not sure what you want.

Okay, for starters, you want the crying to stop, because that's all they're doing is crying. For no reason. They're not going to have their periods, they don't have four tantrum ridden children, they're not menopausing -- You are! PLEASE!

At this point, you're wondering what kind of booze you can get away with at this time of day and if you have any on hand. And you're fantasizing about taking a "mommy's little helper" and streaking into the woods laughing maniacally.

You really want the day to start over from scratch. You want to have some sort of control over something. You want everyone to get along at the same time. Bottom line, you want that great day you started out believing you were going to have.

Okay, let me start by saying, in the nicest way possible, you went about your whole day wrong, wrong, wrong.

This is what you should have done:

  • Taken a determined, not relaxing, shower.

  • If you were insistant on singing, you should have sang something a bit more somber, more depressing, like Pink Floyd's Goodbye Blue Sky. You should have found this inspiring.

  • Noticed that stupid pimple on your face, because it WAS there.

  • Put on your best drill sargent outfit, no nonsense shoes, and a voice to match.

  • Told everyone what to do, when to do it, how to do it, no exceptions, no excuses, no leniency, and enforced strict and clear punishments.

  • Made your children call you Mrs. So and so, not Mama; Mama is much too familiar, not to mention it screams, "take advantage of me... please!"

  • Paddlocked the fridge and cabinets, and placed the key on a chain around your neck.

  • Told your children you would hand out tickets to the neighbors to watch them stand in a corner if they had anything that isn't nice to say and used the bad judgement of saying it.

  • By now you should be able to demand "you time" as they are hopefully terrified of you and want to live to see tomorrow.

  • Voila, you now ought to have the peace and quiet you were expecting, AKA your great day.

But since you didn't do any of these things, it's safe to say that you should drop everything and run the other way. Just run. There's really no hope for you now. Don't stop to fix your shirt. Don't stop to match your shoes. Do not collect 200 dollars, (you're never going to pass go anyway, besides which, your children have already spent it online using your name and personal information; you really need to keep your purse in a safer spot. Another post perhaps on this subject?)

Run. Run like the wind. Run the other way! Run with gusto, screaming won't help, but you can do it anyway. With any luck, you won't be followed. Yeah, right.

P.S. This post was so painful to write I had to use second person with the pretense that perhaps other people might be just as bad off as me, or at the very least suffer the same morning optimism. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some running to do.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

vendoboy, You've Got Me Smiling

What luck and what fun! Yesterday, in honor of Valentines Day, I wanted to do something special, but didn't have time to make a post; so I added a video widget to the top of my sidebar using keywords "I Wanna Be Loved By You". Marilyn Monroe stole the stage as number one. Nice. I was pleased.

Well, today, I went in to peep at my blog, and I found this as one of the offered videos to you guys. Out of curiosity, I clicked in and found an awesome ukulele player with his own rendition of "I Wanna Be Loved By You". It's guaranteed to place a permanent smile on your face.

I'm hooked on vendoboy's Channel! Yes, he's got more. Like "At the Codfish Ball" and "Blue Hawaii". I recommend everyone check him out.

Who knew I'd find a pleasant surprise to blog about right here on my very own blog! Awesome!

Let me know what you think!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Awaiting the Mothership

Miss Sasha, Thomasito Vincenzo, Kau Ko Khun

Bravo Bill Zuback ~ First Synopsis in Series Ready for Viewing

BRAVO! Bill Zuback has come up with his first photo post in his photographic interpretation of literature series, and it is awesome.

On February fourth, Bill Zuback launched a fabulous idea, a fine art photography series in which he interprets paragraphs from literature through photography. He received immediate response. Thanks to your literary contributions, his idea is flourishing (and his creativity is flowing!)

My thoughts on his first exhibit? His black and white photos capture the confusion of the main character well. Two things stood out to me in particular. I especially liked the photos that were combination blurr/focus. I also like the use of simple and timeless children's toy pieces. Both of these techniques and arrangements were, to me, representative of, the mindset of the main character.

Bill has narrowed it down to four "finalists", and you, as readers, get to vote on your favorite! It took me a couple of days to vote, as I had to really let them sink in. It was a tough call. In the end, I chose the one that kept standing out in my mind time and time again as being the best fit. (Believe me, this was hard to do.)

I'm not sure if he will go into any explanatory blog post about his work, or not, but inquiring minds want to know the answers to the following questions (layman in thought, though they may be):

  • So, Bill, what was going through your mind as you set out take your shots?

  • Did they turn out the way you expected them to?

  • Did you have to change course at any point along the way?

  • Was it easier than you thought, or more difficult?

  • Did you have to borrow materials?

  • Do you feel using black and white photography enhances the subject matter you're shooting? (as opposed to color, sepia, etc.)

  • Are you surprised at how the votes turned out?

  • Do you have a favorite?

  • Is your profile pic a self portrait?

  • Are you piss pleased with yourself, or what?

  • Do you need a writer for the magazine you work for?

Don't forget to vote. (Just four more days) Then come back here and let us know which one you voted for and why!

Frieda Babbley
~Keeping you posted because I've got my eye on life.
P.S. Please note, Bill was kind enough to answer my questions in the comments section, so please feel free to check out what he has to say!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So Long, Farewell ~ Dear Blog Bling

Well, folks, time for the NeoBar to go.

It's been nice.
It's been fun.
But sorry dear,
It's time to run.

There's something that
I have to say:
Although you're neat,
You're in the way.

It's time for me
To find a new
Counter of a different kind
That won't distract our view.

For the two days that my NeoBar was in service, this site accrued 30 visitors, from 12 cities and 5 countries, including India, US, England, Argentina, and Europe (Europe isn't a country, so I don't know what that's about).

Hope you all enjoyed the NeoBar while it lasted. Thanks for baring with it. Think I'll try something less obtrusive next time.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bill Zuback Has His Eye On A Great Idea!

An awesome blog I love to follow is Backtothezu, A Visual Journey. It belongs to Bill Zuback, photographer. You may have clicked into it if you've noticed it on my lists of faves. If you haven't give a click because it's got some way cool stuff on there, from his very own photos, to memoir pieces, to poems. If I may say so, he's got his "eye on life" too.

I'm here to promote a fabulous idea he came up with. A fine art photography series in which he interprets paragraphs from literature through photography. He's launched the first one with an excerpt from Travels in the Scriptorium by Paul Auster.

Bill is asking for people to contribute a paragraph for consideration. For details link to What Have You Read Lately. Come back each week and see if he's picked your paragraph to visualize his journey. Or just to see what paragraphs people are donating. Contributing is easy. Hope you can join him!

Much Love,

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Profile Question ~ Lazy Snoozer?

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

Good question, Bob. Actually, it very well could be laziness, but I'm going to have to go with...

  • exasperation,

  • disgust,

  • NO,

  • go away,

  • f-you,

  • shut up,

  • just five more minutes,

  • this isn't right,

  • NO, (yes, I've already mentioned NO but it bares bearing in mind)

  • what do you want!,

  • it's still dark,

  • make it stop,
  • Mommy, no! Do I have to?
  • If I pretend I'm dead, will that horrible noise go away? (see above photo and note the packet box above my head... last will and testimate)

Of course it could also be that you are still dreaming, confused, or think that somehow you have these super powers that will allow you to actually get up just because the alarm is buzzing and it takes you a moment to realize you're just an average Joe.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Blog Bling ~ I'm Soooo Cool!

So I suppose by now you've noticed something really outstanding on Frieda Babbley. Oustanding indeed. It really stands out, doesn't it? It's the new NeoBar from NeoWORX.

I've always thought those country and counter widgets were way cool. So when I noticed one on a blog I happened to be passing through, I decided to click on the icon thingy and see if I could maybe get myself one 'o them there hismafitchies.

Well, I did. And here it is. Plain as day. In your face. Ready to play with. Even if it IS a pain in the batukus.

But it's fun. It's bling. It's... exciting. Did I mention you can IM on this thing? Well, sort of. Leave me or others reading, a note? Even add smilies? Well yes, you can!

I would have prefered more info found on it. Perhaps even an rss feed like some of the other widgets available on that site. But who's complaining. I figure I can put up with it for a couple of days before I reach in and wring its neck for popping up every time I try to read something close to the bottom of the page.

Mind you, it CLAIMS that none of your original blog content will be covered. I'm more than certain you have discovered that this is a misleading claim. Yes, I set it in right. I followed all of the simple directions exactly. Still in the way, if you have things below your posts, which is technically outside the realm of "original blog content". Sorry. The NeoBar IS new; how new, I'm not sure, I didn't check. So perhaps they just have some glitches to fix and will take into consideration changing this. While they're doing that, I'd like to let NeoWORX know that maybe they should play with size and intrusiveness a bit. Maybe even being able to place it differently on your page, like as a sidebar or a header.

Overall I give it an 8. It's catchy, fun, exciting, a definite blog bling; and it was, I must add, one of the simplest widgets to apply. I do love it for that.

Let's hear it for Frieda's "Blog Bling"! Check it out, try it out, and don't forget to leave me a note... with a smiley. I like those ;)
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