Friday, January 2, 2009

What Dr. Phil Thinks About Me ~ Personality Quiz Gone Terribly Awry

According to a Facebook application, "Dr. Phil's Personality Test", I am a "Vain, Self-Centered Leader." No matter how many times I took the test, and believe me I took it as many times as I could, making alterations of all the truths that were truly me.
For example, I sometimes sleep flat on my stomach, I sometimes sleep with my arm under my head, and I sometimes sleep sort of curled up (especially if I am cold).

At times I have one or more hands on my hips when speaking with someone. Akimbo I believe is the word. Other times, especially if I am very close with someone, like my sister for example, I will physically abuse her as I speak. Or, in Dr. Phil's words, do I touch or punch the person I am speaking with? And sometimes I have my arms folded, usually this is for balance but you have no room to offer explanations.

The offered answers to this questionnaire application are cut and dry, with no room for explanation or "well, sometimes I do if..." Apparently they take this into consideration and offer you the ability to take the test again if you are not satisfied with your outcome; knowing all the time exactly what they think they know about you. So beware! They've got you tagged at the door. "Bad result? Click here to take the quiz again," my dying foot!

Seriously, who would be satisfied with an outcome like Vain, self-centered leader? The leader part I could see being sought after. Hot tempered, sure. But vain? Self-centered? Not a chance. At least not for this little missy! Damn right I'm going to take the quiz again. Like an idiot savant.

Who am I kidding? Others see me as, "someone they should 'handle with care.'" I am seen as "vain, self-centered," and as someone, "who is extremely dominant. "Others," may, "admire," me, "wishing they could be more like," me, "but don't always trust, " me, "hesitating to become too deeply involved with," me.


Eat my grits, Dr. Phil! I'll prove you wrong with the next quiz! You'll never see it coming.


Anonymous said...

See? You are vain and self centered. And you are trying to lead us to believe that you are "Perac". A near perfect person accused falsely of being other than they are.

captain cloud said...

Oh come on anonymous, don't be such a Saltal. Someone who leaves snippets of negative comments at the tail of a blog anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Well at least I am not a blygio.
A blind follower who goes around kissing arse.

captain cloud said...

You are so diomball, you like to think of yourself as Diabolical, but are too dumb to be.

J A S said...

Well- if the boot fits FB.

Pleased to see a dead glam snap- red, the colour for those born under Aries.

Every time I log on, you are a different colour. Beige, black, white. Good job I'm not colour dyslecsic.! this is of course known as being UNREGMOD.

Wonder what colour you will be next?

Frieda Babbley said...

I think panlych would be a good color to sort of smooth things out. You know, a sort of panny leechy color. Glum but mod. I'm enjoying the playaround.

Frieda Babbley said...

The Penny Leech color I promised. What tomorrow? Hmmm.

Frieda Babbley said...

Okay, changed again. Am I driving you mad yet? You're probably asleep through most of this. Couldn't handle the Penny Leech. Had to change!

J A S said...

Fabulous colour- LEAVE IT BE NOW. looks great. Was starting to make me ill, all this colour swapping.

This is a lovely shade of TREBRALI.

Frieda Babbley said...

Sorry, there, I needed a change, and a play.

Anonymous said...

This quiz is so wrong...I got "Lively Center of Attention," and there's no way I'm the centre of attention!

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