Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Postcards ~ Dear Kate

Dear Kate,

Just opened a jar of Handy Mom Chunky Meat 'n Giblets Stew, for dinner, you know? And you'll never guess what was in there! A severed finger of all things! How much do you think I can get for it? Going to the store to pick up more tomorrow! Maybe I can finally go on that all-inclusive cruise. Gotta go. Talk to you soon.




J A S said...

feeling mighty pukes-ville at this one, thank you very much.

J A S said...

Google David Shrigley- a Glasgow based artist. I can see him illustrating this very nicely.

J A S said...

I believe you get a free can of stew with every purchase of an Armani Prive frock- aech costing in the region of about 100k what's that in USD I wonder.

God knows what it would be in the old Greek currency the .....


Frieda Babbley said...

Are you kidding?! What a fabulous security word! Gragma. What luck! I think it would be somewhere in the range of 150k? I'm not sure. I haven't kept up with the currency exchange rates.

What a fabulous artist. And writer! Shrigley is my cup of tea. I had no idea there were more of "us" out there. Good job. Do you know him?

I know this will gross people out. But it's not to me. Not getting into her head. Finger means the possibility of big bucks to this woman!

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