Sunday, January 11, 2009

Imagine Me, A Hot Commodity ~ Mom Almighty

I have decided that I am a hot commodity. If you’re a mom, you probably are too. And if you don’t know this about yourself, get to knowing this, and fast. Your life will be a lot easier when you admit to this fact.

Ever notice that nothing can get done without you being there? Like, physically there? This is unfortunate, and I do mean unfortunate. I wish that I could tell my children, “Okay, I need to get the vacuuming done today. So You, make sure there’s nothing on the floor. You, make sure stuff is put away where it belongs. You…” and that they would actually do it. Without my being there. Without my repeating myself. Without my hair graying and my feet swelling as I stand there like a fool expecting it to actually happen. It’s NOT going to happen, at least not in the near future I can tell you that. Not if I’m not there with them, holding their hand every step of the way.

My children are all fully capable of getting things done on their own. Imagine four people doing the job of one. Things could not only get done, but could get done fast. You and I both know this. I mean really, they each have their special talents. They each have extra energy. Not to mention superpowers galore (at least They think they do). I really could be living in a spotless world at every moment of every day. So could you. And so could they.

Apparently, they don’t care about this simple fact. Apparently, it’s Someone Else’s mess. You know Someone Else, that seventh child you squeezed out right before all the messes started happening? Someone Else is invisible, so it’s easy to look them over. I do it all the time. Please, like we were born yesterday.

Honestly, though, it goes beyond their not caring. They need us, and things like this are just one of the many things we have to take a deep breath over and accept. We’re a hot commodity. Us moms know this deep inside, we just really don’t want to admit it when just being able to put our feet up in a nice clean room, that we didn’t have to clean ourselves because we didn’t make the mess in the first place, is so within reach we can taste it. You’re tired, your beat, your tits are still sore from 8 years ago. Who can blame you? Certainly not me.

So, as much as we dislike it, okay, hate it, we need to be in the middle of the cleaning up and doing it with them. They learn from us, after all. Our attitudes can change their attitudes in a moments notice. No matter how old or experienced they are, it gives them a bit of joy to know that mom is still there for them and she always will be. And we all want our kids to be happy. It’s our number one wish, isn’t it?

Bottom line? It’s not because they don’t want to. It’s not even because they can’t. And it’s certainly not just because they enjoy making you mad and not listening to you. It’s because when you’re there, everything feels normal. You’re a hero. You’re their comfort. You’re, well, Mom Almighty. And you make everything a-o-kay.

ps. If you have kids that do it all on their own without a fight or without having to tell them, let us know! We’d love for you to rub it in. Seriously.


Bill Zuback said...

LOL. Our son is almost twenty and still calls Mom at least three times a week. Yeah it would be nice if they did a bit more to help you out but still, the love is priceless. Hold on to them "Supermom" and help them because some day they will probably meet "Superman" or "Superwoman" and then you may be perceived as a pain in the ass. What does mom need now?

J A S said...

Typo: Imagine not Imageine.

Didn't I read this on another of your blogs?

Very under the weather- will post something on joint blog soon.

Frieda Babbley said...

Yes, but I felt it had a home here, so I plopped it in. And Bill, I know what you mean and that time is just around the corner, isn't it. Then I'll be begging to be in the middle of things maybe. Funny, that.

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