Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

A couple of years ago, our oldest son decided to take advantage of the fact that our youngest son could not yet read and write. He was tired and trying to get to sleep, but his younger brother was apparently being a pest. So he jotted a note on a piece of paper and gave it to our youngest and told him to go give it to us. It read, "I am not letting Zaphron sleep." Very clever. Needless to say, we had a great laugh.
Thankfully we had a camera nearby.


captain cloud said...

A classic moment in life, well captured. As a blogger you are always so Howthipy.

envisionhope said...

Just ask a kid. They will tell you straight out. Smart. Very smart.

Frieda Babbley said...

Isn't it? I don't think CC (Dave) and I knew what to do with ourselves. Dave kept the note I think.

Anonymous said...

Ingentr! Bloody ingentr- that's what I say.


Great snap.

captain cloud said...

Why you greedy old Scoat.
In the shabby shape of the world, why not share your word? It could bring hope in these times of dispair. But noooooo. In Stead of hope, you must scoat.

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