Sunday, January 4, 2009

Frieda's "Not Looking" Run On Sentence

What do you do when you're sad because you've been looking at someone who hasn't been looking at you and you're hoping they finally will but they haven't been thinking you've been looking at them and they tell you first so it's your fault even though you have been and you don't know what to do and life isn't so funny and hopeful anymore and you're better at writing than talking but you really don't know what to write?


Bill Zuback said...

Sounds like two people who take each other for granted after many years of being together? We spend so much of our time making other parts of our lives better, stronger and more successful; why is it that what we love the most often gets the least attention?

Frieda Babbley said...

Much like your Cheeers to a New Year, yes. Unfortunately. And I think it's because we give them attention inside ourselves and in our minds we are sharing with them everything we are doing and letting them do what they need to do. Then the next thing you know, time has gone by. No one has shared a word outside thier own selves, if that makes sense.

envisionhope said...

You sit there feeling your heart beat faster as your hands get sweaty, and then you think of everything under the sun to say and nothing sounds right so you sit there some more contemplating the inevitable that you really won't say anything after all and will just keep sitting there berating yourself for not having anything to write, hating every second the person is still visible, finally relaxed when they are gone.

Kefte Thakia said...

Then there is the one who cannot talk openly but must write what is there inside. The problem is that it cannot come out openly like one talks, but it must come out obliquely, like cool jazz--not saying what's there, saying what's not there in so many ways that the gist or melody is finally obvious. What do you do when they don't get it or don't like it that way--what if they just put each roundabout attempt in a drawer in the front hall bureau so you aren't hurt by noticing they are not responding? Ah heck with it, I'd look at you.

Frieda Babbley said...

Very true. And thanks =)
Glad you came by. I could use a good Kefte Thaki about now. Cold. With some sliced cucumber on the side.

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