Friday, December 19, 2008

What Luck! Viking Relatives to Visit the States, Just in Time for the Holidays!

As luck should have it, our cousins from Norway have written to let us know that they will be visiting us again for the holidays. It has been two years since their last visit, when they came bearing gifts of swords and shields for everyone! I thought you may enjoy a brief photo blog of our last gathering. Enjoy.

Cousin Eusphaun

Cousin Svendlflaus

Unfortunately cousin Svendlflaus is a mean drunk.
We had to confiscate the weapons. This put him in a melancholy slump.
(So sorry old chum.)

Cousin Blashimsven the Barbarian
(He is gentler than he looks.)


J A S said...

I also had a viking outfit as a child- I hope you all have much fun and laughter when Viking cousins arrive! What is the family connection FB? Will you do a blurb on the family tree- v. interesting.

Frieda Babbley said...

I certainly will. I'll have to look up their papers so it might take a bit of time. Thank you for your interest!
They are quite the hoot so I know will have loads of fun!

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