Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mlle Beulah

Her voice was like the whisper of the finest sheets money could buy. Her skin soft and tempting beneath the pearls that draped her neck and shoulders. The fiery, sheer, crimson of her lipstick could melt diamonds, could accomplish the impossible. Her beauty never faltered. Her eyes welcomed the mysterious, the daring, the richness of life. The soft lines of her arms and back led one to believe that if they followed, time would slow and secrets would be heard.

Pulp fiction/romance novel blurb above by Frieda Babbley Inspired by above cafe poster.


J A S said...

I have some fine sheets and let me tell you,

they are a fucker to iron. I now prefer polycotton- you know where you are with:

NEMPI 100% polycotton.

Spotted the security code yet?

Frieda Babbley said...

NEMPI, par chance? Very clever. I think you have a new product line.

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