Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Little Girl's Fashion Faux Pas

This morning I enjoyed a very warm cup of tea , (Ahhh and Yum and perfect for getting the day on it's way.) My favorite brand: Twinings! My favorite flavor: today it is Earl Grey, with a dash of milk.

While enjoying my tea, I spent some time reading some new blogs by my new cyber friend, J A S. (Good morning to you by the way!)

I had a girlish laugh at his blog entitled, "There will always be..." (unfortunately no longer available. It reminded me of a long ago time, when I was four years old and everyone was asleep and the sun was just waking up.

I had a favorite doll with fair plastic skin and blonde synthetic hair. In the 70's one was hard pressed to find a doll with anything but (fair skin and blonde hair). I myself had brunette hair. Quite long, with ringlets at the ends, and usually put in braids to keep it from knotting.

For a very long time I had wanted my doll's blonde hair, if only for a moment. On this particular morning I was overcome with envy and armed with scissors and glue. Crouched behind the couch in the living room, I began the transplant.

Snip! I had separated a nice chunk of golden hair. Snip! I had separated a nice chunk of auburn braid. And now for the trade off. Putting down the scissors, I grabbed for the glue. Elmer's All Purpose, with the blue and white label. Stronger than the Elmer's school glue, I hoped it would hold well. It would take some time to dry, but I was prepared to wait.

What could not have been more than three minutes later, the two of us were covered in sopping glue and I was filled with sorrow. It did not help at all that her permanent smile was still permanently smiling back at me. I realized that she would always be smiling stupidly as if nothing was wrong; she was not as beautiful as I thought.

I sat there, as the sun began to creep over us, sobbing quietly in dismay and sadness. Not only was the glue not working, but sorrow for my dismembered braid filled me. I could never get it back. And with each passing second, my love for the inanimate object before me was dissipating. I could never look at her the same again.

Sad that all I remember was her hair. Not what she looked like exactly, and even more deserting is the fact that I cannot for the life of me remember what I called her.

On the brighter side, my hair has since become a source of pride, as many other aspects of me have. This is because I had early on realized that "there will always be....", and that I always will be too.


Frieda Babbley said...

I need to find out if leaving comments works.

Frieda Babbley said...

Well, that worked nicely. Let's see if this works.

J A S said...

Get you with your working comments box-

Looks much fresher- I can breathe! It's just a bit difficult seeing the comments icon. The colours of the writing blend in with the back- can you just darken it a little, keeping the colour interesting, like you have. (Soft black or shade of grey?)

J A S said...

Yes, I think that looks grand. Very stylish and clean. I like the side bar and posts look strong.

I love that blue against the flat, batter colour.

My only beef (such a good British word) is the title- I love: Frieda Babbley's Eye On Life. Why not just that? Simple, clean- EASILY REMEMBERED, with a short tag line about the blog.Do you even need that I wonder?

If you want a laugh- I couldn't read the word verification thingy, so listened to the 'disabled' icon- which was impossible.

Frieda Babbley said...

That's funnier than my insident! It's a good thing they have the gimp icon.
I was worried about the same thing. I think that the reason I added laugh with yourself was to separate it in my mind from my previous uses of it. I'm pretty sure I'm over that now, so let me try it out.

J A S said...

Below the picture of the doll, the colours are the wrong way round- it would look better with a lighter colour for the labels- fashion, etc etc. And, a darker tone for first bit-

The lavender colour that appears when I've seen a link is very special. Could this appear more? The black could be a tone lighter- graphite.

Sorry, can you tell I work with colour?

The security word is.......'bless'

Frieda Babbley said...

? Thoughts so far?

J A S said...

Mornin'. LOOKS GRAND. You now have a lovely canvas on which to work.

My final point: I think, Frieda Babbley's Eye on Life, sounds stronger- more quirky.

Also, the FONT IS A BIT BIG- if you take it down a smidge, it will look very sophisticated.

I love the colours- feels like a lovely journal for your friends and family to drop by.

Envisionhope said...

When I was around ten-years-old I got a Barbie doll. She was the original version. I loved her high ponytail and perky attributes.

A short time later I found that one of her bossomly features was indentied. I have no idea how this occurred, but she bares the mark to this day. I loved her even though she wasn't perfect and realize now how this doll imitates life--that true beauty is not skin deep.

Frieda Babbley said...

I think so many of us have learned from our dollies. I'm terribly sorry about the indentation of her bossomly feature. That had to have been hard to do. I wonder how it happened.
My mother never let me play with barbies because she said that if I was old enough to play with a doll with boobs, I was old enough to have boobs of my own, in which case I shouldn't be playing with dolls. Aha, blog idea. Thanks Envisionhope. Fabulous blogger name by the way =)

Frieda Babbley said...

Oh, and JAS, I fixed the title font. I thought I had done that when I was fixing it up last time, but I don't think I saved properly. Thanks fornoticing.
I'm behind on reading your posts. I'd better get to that tomorrow.

J A S said...

Re: Whitby Abbey I am about to add the rest of the story- there was another small brass plaque with M.S. My parents, brother, niece and 'gentleman caller,' are or were, either an M.S. or J.S. Both plaques are next one another-

Bowery birds- will google.

I can't stop writing on my blog- 50 posts and not a week old yet.

Oh- one final thing, punctuation in header. You could try a : or a - or an 's ?

Loved the tales of Barbie.

Frieda Babbley said...

I can't wait to read the rest of the story!

I've been working so much on my layout, I haven't been able to write much. But I have quite a few inspirations. Barbi was one of them. I've already selected some choices for pictures I may like to use, so I'm glad that you liked the back and forth of that.

I went with the ~ symbol because is was it had more of a gentle curve and thought it to be a well suited mate for the title. Let me know how it reads on your end.

J A S said...

I think it just needs two tiny things.

Look at the header box. Look left, then right. The balance isn't quite right. It needs to be all on one line, else, Eye on Life, below-

Do you need the google box above your header? The advertising down the side is fine, but this detracts from all your hard work designing it.

It says money over content.

I am looking forward to a new piece of writing:-)

J A S said...

Bowerbirds- just watched a youtube vid- charming.

Frieda Babbley said...

Thank you. I do feel relieved.
What do you think about the deep red for the title? Does this work?
I changed the adds to text only and put them at the end of the sidebar. That was really really irking me as well! Let me know if the positioning makes a difference and if I aught to make any changes there.
Bower birds are my absolute favorite. I have a documentary on them that I watch often. Very relaxing and gets me inspired.
Okay, on to writing. I'm glad you're enjoying my pieces. Thank you for that.

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