Sunday, December 28, 2008

Life's Little Pleasures Continued ~ Walking in the Snow

Fantasizing about walking is not the same as actually walking, but it gives us a chance to be creative, and, perhaps, inspired. Anyone up for a brisk walk in the snow? Don't forget your coat and mittens.


J A S said...

Fantastic artwork- lovely, really lovely.

J A S said...

CHEWARE- means very cute.

Am starting new blog- can't find your second name idea, so will just call it Dyslecsics' Dict. to start with. Am happy to revise this-

It could be 'A dictionary for dyslecsics,' as a tag line? or 'learn the true meaning of word verification'

Frieda Babbley said...

That's horrible that Stating the Obvious was taken. I suppose that was staring me in the face. Too bad we couldn't spess it something like Stating_the_Obvious or Atingstay the Obviousay or something. But at any rate, I think what you came up with was brilliant, Mr. Steel. Maybe stating the obvious could be the sub title. I need to look at the site. Purple is a grand color. And I can totally see how that could be helpful. It's bold and brilliant. Glad you like the photos. They are fun, aren't they? And it helps that Sasha is quite cheware(italian accent maybe?) Okay, now I really have to look for your hotmail. And did you get your comment on the slippers? Is that what I spotted in front of the empty snackbar?

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