Sunday, December 28, 2008

Life's Little Pleasures Continued ~ Taking Your Pet on a Walk

There are countless benefits, as a pet owner, to taking your pet on a walk. But there are benefits for pets too. Not only will walking with you help keep your pet keep healthy and fit, he or she will also feel special. Your pet will feel loved. And most importantly, your pet will feel OH SO PRETTY!


J A S said...


Love it- can I do the tag line?

J A S said...

Blog up and running- couldn't get Stating the Obvious, it was taken.

I've done it in violet- because this helps Dyslexics 'see' apparently.

You need to email my hotmail address with your email address, so I can invite you onto site- then you can upload your profile, I think. Hope you like...

Any changes? let me know.

Frieda Babbley said...

That's sweaty business, hotmail. I don't know if I'm up to that. Could I by chance access your cooler mail, like LOFANTIO mail?
Oh dear god! I can't stop laughing. What DID I put in my cereal this morning? I really ought to stay away from that non-fat milk. And people really need to stop feeding me chocolates while I'm wearing these glasses! I'm beginning to think it's a deadly combination. Who were these chocolates from anyway? Maybe they are Lofantio chocolates sent via first class Lofantio mail, from Little Austria Italia.

"I'm all better now, Ashley". If you can guess the movie this is quoted from I shall send you some Lofantio truffles via lofantio mail. In the mean time, yes, I will send you my g-mail via your hot-mail and I don't think I'd better make a joke about that lest I get sent to an insane assylum for hysterics. I hope I can find the link.

J A S said...

The line wouldn't be from:

Gone With The Wind?

I believe it was set in Tucohe County.

J A S said...

The film is?

Gone With The Wind?

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