Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Chanukah! Remembering when...

It's a small world; and here in America it's even smaller. This is because most of us have multi country/multi continental backgrounds; and many of us have still traceable and visitable roots in foreign lands. We are, in a wonderful sense, artful collages.

In our family, we have some very interesting foreign relatives. We would like to wish them a Happy Chanukah. Here are some photos from their last visit about a year ago.

Good ol' Uncle Seymour
.קיוויתי עבור חלק bagels עם חמצן נוזלי. מה אין לך חמצן נוזלי? אתה רוצה אני צריך לשים על הפנים שלי עצוב?*

Aunt Gelda
Seymour! הבטחת להתנהג עצמך!**

Little Sal
אתה כזה קטנה cutie. בוא לפה ותן לי לסחוט אותם בלחיים!***

* I was hoping for some bagels with lox. What you do not have lox? You want I should put on my sad face?
**Seymour! You promised to behave yourself!
*** You are such a cutie! Come here and let me squeeze those cheeks!
English to Hebrew translation courtesy of Google Translate.


J A S said...

I hope the translation is better than I have had with Chinese- when kids write me, I struggle to find any meaning to their emails. Bless 'em.

Happy YOLOG !

J A S said...

Wonder when I will get another follower- :-(

Does she come from PEREDARJ, ?

Frieda Babbley said...

She's from Chenai. Her writing is amazing! She's only 18. Mostly essays about serious matters. I haven't read them all, she has many and they are very long (I thought mine were!) I think she must have an odd sense of humour because of a piece she wrote about having to drink gallons and gallons of water when she was sick because she had a hard time swallowing her medicine.
You know, there could be tons of people following the both of us, just no one is letting us know. If you google Frieda Babbley, you'll see we're linked. So that's a start. I keep googling myself to see what comes up. It's rather fun.

Frieda Babbley said...

Yes! Yes! Peredarj! Oh that was a good one. Honestly, where are my humors? (I now understand why my sister doesn't appreciate much of my blog; I see which route her mind takes, oh that IS scary!) Yes, of course Peredarj, it's near Verifier! Beyond the PHOLD of many streams.

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