Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Forget Santa's Naughty & Nice List! Women Worry About Visit From Aunt!

In ten days it's going to be Christmas and Aunt Luna will be visiting. Again. Just like she visited on most every other Christmas since I was 14. Fortunately, I know I am not alone; there are girls and women all over the world who must suffer and endure the company of their own Aunt Luna at holiday time.

She doesn't call first!

She comes bearing gifts...

some BIG,

some small.

She LUNGES them at us, so we need to protect ourselves with some sort of PADDING lest we suffer EMBARRASSMENT. (And yes, even the stocking stuffer may be a LARGE TICKET ITEM; so better safe than sorry.)

Unfortunately, her gifts are never the gifts I asked for, nor are they ones I ever look forward to.
To be kind, there is a benefit to her visiting on a major holiday such as Christmas. No Christmas would be complete without...

lots of CHOCOLATE...

and lots of BOOZE!
A nice red wine for example...

I have to say that both go together very well, and both help make her visits just a little more bearable.

So this Christmas I will be padded, armed with the finest chocolates I can sequester, and I will be nicely boozed up when I answer that door!

"Oh! For me?! I love triple chocolate brandy fudge cake with fresh raspberries! However did you know?!"


"More Chianti, how lovely. I said MORE! And keep it Commin'! ... please."

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